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Wisewood School & Community Sports College in Sheffield, in the doing a production of Bugsy Malone on Wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Fri 16th of March 2007! See more details here


On 17th February 2003 Carlton Visual Entertainment released a Special Edition DVD of Bugsy Malone in the U.K. To find out more about it, as well as where to purchase it, and what Director Alan Parker has to say about Paul Williams contribution to the film go here. As an added bonus you will also be able to read about what Paul himself has to say about the film

Comments on the ten songs in
"Bugsy Malone"

(When you click on a song title below you will be taken to a page with the lyrics for that song. For those of you who have Java enabled you can see the lyrics in a 'Jave PopUp' window by clicking 'here' after the song title)


BUGSY_MALONE (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Title track. With an Irish father and an Italian mother, naturally Bugsy had grown up a little confused."


FAT SAM'S GRAND SLAM (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Razamataz and the girls welcome you to Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy."


TOMORROW (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Fizzy's song. At night in the Speakeasy Fizzy sings his lonely song as Velma dances for him."


BAD GUYS (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Fat Sam's gang of dumb bums sing their song."


I'M FEELING FINE (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Blousey sings at her audition for a job at FatSam's Grand Slam."


MY NAME IS TALLULAH (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Tallulah (played by a young Jodie Foster), Sam's girlfriend and the vamp of the chorus, sings her tantalising number."


SO YOU WANNA BE A BOXER (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Cagey Joe gives Leroy the low down on being a champion fighter. You're nothing, if you haven't got 'it."


ORDINARY FOOL (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Bugsy doesn't turn up and Blousey feels let down. She sings her love song."


DOWN AND OUT (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Bugsy needs his own private army so he sings to the miserable down-and-outs to raise their spirits."


YOU GIVE A LITTLE LOVE (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here)

"Razamataz is joined by everyone to raise their spirits after the showdown at Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy."

(Paul Williams wrote some more songs for "Bugsy Malone" which were not included in the film but were included in a 1997 National Youth Music Theatre stage production of "Bugsy Malone". For more information go here)

What Alan Parker (Film Director) said about Paul Williams involvement in "Bugsy Malone"



I first had the idea of a gangster musical film with no adults in the cast, just kids, as far back as Christmas 1973. As most people thought I was a looney I didn't exactly get down to writ-ing the script of Bugsy Malone until a year later.

By March 1975 the finished draft was ready and we were racking our brains for someone to do the score. It wasn't easy. We thought film musicals had moved on a bit since the hands-across-the-table bursting-into-song days and no composer suggested seemed quite right.

In desperation the Producer turned to me and said, "Well, who do you like ?"

"My personal favourite is Paul Williams", I said, "but would he do it?" So we asked him, and he liked the idea and said he would. A week later I was on a plane to Las Vegas to talk to Paul who was performing in cabaret at The Sands.

Our first meetings were in between his twice-nightly shows and we just talked about the story and characters. "Talk" is not quite the right word as Paul would croak in a low whisper to save his voice for the late show. Needless to say for two nights we didn't get very far. By the third day we decided to have lunch and thrash it out. We drove down the main Las Vegas strip and went into a drugstore-come-restaurant called 'Fox's Deli.'

For four hours, in between Paul signing autographs and the waitress spilling coffee on my script, we went through the story, line by line, character by character, song by song.

Paul has a remarkable facility for humming a melody the moment you mention a phrase or a situation. Each tune seemed marvellous and I was terrified he would forget them, but he seems blessed with a tape recorder locked away up inside his head somewhere.

Four beef spitfires, two banana boozles, two salami specials and a lot of Coors beer later, we had the structure for the basic score. Six weeks later, Paul had written and recorded the basic tracks and we were rehearsing to music on Pine-wood Studios 'H' Stage.

If you've seen the film you will know how beautifully Paul's songs fit the story. If you haven't seen Bugsy Malone just enjoy the music . . and make sure you catch the movie as soon as you can. After all, it's not every day they get a musical written at 'Fox's Deli.'


Where To Get The Sheet Music For
"Bugsy Malone"

The "Bugsy Malone" sheet music is not for sale. The following companies provide music and scripts with a paid performance license and rent the material.

On 30th July 1999 I received the following email from MTI in New York: "What a great page! Here at MTI I am developing the Broadway Junior Collection's Bugsy Malone for North America for Music Theatre International. Your page has been a great help as a source for information on Paul Williams and Bugsy Malone. Thank you!

We will provide everything any amateur group or school would need to produce the show, but we cannot sell sheet music or distribute any show materials without a performance license."

North America
Music Theatre International (MTI)
2nd Floor,
421 West 54th Street,
New York
NY 10019

Tel: 212 541 4684


web page:

United Kingdom
Theatre Department
Warner Chappel Music
Griffin House
161 Hammersmith Road
London W6 8BS

Tel: 0208-563-5800
Fax: 0208-563-5801


31st December 2003

On 7th January 2003 I received the following email:

Dear David

I got your email address from your excellent Bugsy press kit.

I'm at the initial stage of producing a documentary for ITV1 (a UK based TV company) about the making of the original Bugsy Malone film. First, I'm particularly keen on tracking down the original cast but as you can imagine it's not so easy since many of the kids, eg Florrie Dugger didn't pursue a career in acting. I was wondering if you have any contacts for any of them?

On 20th January 2003 the production company set up a web site here in the hope of tracking down the original actors and actresses from the film.

As a result of the above email I put them in contact with Paul, who was interviewed by the production team in the summer of 2004.

On the 2nd June 2003 I was contacted by the production company with the following update:

"The website has been taken down for the simple fact that we have finished filming the programme. We spent two weeks filming in America and caught up with Jodie Foster, John Cassisi, Scott Baio, Florrie Dugger - and of course Paul Williams (what a nice man.)

Since we returned we have been cracking on with the Bugsy edit. I will confirm the date and time of transmission."

Finally on 15th December 2003 I got the news I had been waiting for:

Hi David
At last, I can confirm that the Bugsy documentary has a transmission date! The programme will be shown on ITV1 in the UK on New Years Eve (31st December 2003) at 3.50pm.

Hope you enjoy!

Richard Mortimer
Associate Producer
Yorkshire Television

Here is what the TV listing in the Radio Times said:

New Years Eve - 31st December 2003

3.50 - 4.40 pm Bugsy Malone After They Were Famous

Director Alan Parker's movie Bugsy Malone - a gangster film in which all the parts were played by children - was the box-office hit of 1976. This documentary reunites the film's child stars and takes Scott Bio and Jodie Foster on a trip down memory lane as they re-encounter their erstwhile on-screen loves.

Director / Producer Helen Spencer

Message posted 1st January 2004


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