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by Sharon Markwell

March 21 and 22, 2008

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I had the extreme pleasure of being at the Vegas South Point Hotel Casino for both Pauls' concerts on March 21 and 22. I am so happy and it was so great that I hardly know where to start! Paul put on show with more vigour and energy as if he was 30 years younger than he is. No performer half his age could have put on a better performance. He had the fans rocking in their seats and tapping our feet and everyone--not to mention myself--had the time of our lives. You could just see it on their faces that everyone loves him. Paul wore a dark suit, tie and mauve shirt and he looked absolutely wonderful. You would not be able to take your eyes off of him. He sang beautifully, his voice, was strong, clear and sang many of the oldies we know and love, and opened with a wonderful, rousing "old fashioned love song." He never failed to so beautifully connect with his audience as only he can do, with the wonderful, humorous stories about his life and recovery and background of many of the songs before singing them. He had the whole audience smiling, and laughing in an evening they are sure not to forget. One of the highlights of his performance, was he held the final note of the song Evergreen, for an extremely long, beautiful note and his voice never faltered. It was absolutely gorgeous! Then he quipped, "that's a non smoking note."

My South Point experience with this gifted man came after the performance. As I live in Winnipeg, I had the extreme pleasure of being able to meet Paul at Phantompalooza in April, 2006 (See here for a readers account of that event). I realized then just how sweet and humble he is during that meeting in Winnipeg. During Phantompalooza, I had been interviewed by a film crew filming a documentary on Paul. I remember speaking of how Paul's music has so positively affected my life as he writes such beautiful music and those wonderful lyrics that touch all of us, I am sure. I think he is truly the greatest living songwriter. I remember saying that his music and words always has a positive, uplifting message, always connected to our own emotions. Anyway, during the concert, I was sitting at the very back of the showroom, which for me was somewhat of a bummer because I was too far back and I am near sighted to be able to see his face. But he sounded great! I had been assured by a very nice waitress in the showroom that Paul would indeed by greeting fans after the concert. One of the nice things about sitting at the back of the room was that I was one of the first ones out of the room after the concert and Paul was not even out yet. I had my Muppet Christmas Carol DVD ready for him to sign. I struck up a conversation with a nice woman standing behind the table where Paul would be, waiting for him to come out. She said he was changing and he would be out very shortly. Almost at the very moment that she said that, there he was! The songwriter who I have listened to and adored since I was 12 years old was standing no more than two feet from me!

He looked very happy and I had the pleasure of witnessing him start to mingle with other fans closer than I was in his ever so warm, gracious way. I patiently waited my turn. I could hardly wait to tell him that I had come to Las Vegas from Winnipeg to hear him perform. Although, I did have a feeling that he might recognize me from our meeting at Phantompalooza, I was not prepared for what happened next. I am still not down from the clouds! He looked over in my direction and his facial expression was "I think I know you" kind of look. I thought I saw him do a bit of a double take. The first thing he said when he noticed me was, "you're from Winnipeg?" I could not believe it! And I don't mean from just him recognizing me, but I was standing directly in front of Paul Williams. The personification of musical genius, (and I am sure a lot of other people share that opinion) and he was talking to me! "How did you know?" I asked. (a very rhetorical question on my part!!) Then he mentioned the documentary. And the person (Steve Kessler) who initiated it. He had recognized me! He asked me my name. I told him. Believe me, this is not a moment that I would have given up for all the wealth in the world! I could not contain my excitement in meeting him again. I was overjoyed. I asked him if I could hug him. He said sure and we hugged, making me even happier. He proceeded to sign my DVD for me. By this time, scores of other fans were now lined up waiting to meet this incredible man. I stepped back to give them their own precious moments with him. Then, I remembered I have my camera with me and I forgot to ask Paul for a photo. I remember thinking, after Phantompalooza, how silly it was of me that I did not have my camera with me to that event and therefore, missed a picture with Paul then. This time I had it!! He was in the process of mingling and signing for the other fans. I called out to him and asked if I could have a picture with him. Of course, being Paul, he said yes and I patiently waited. (Believe me, this was not an evening I wanted to end any time soon). After just a couple minutes, he beckoned me to come to behind the table where he was standing for the picture. A lovely woman and new friend who I met in line graciously agreed to shoot the picture. Because my camera is probably as old as I am, and I don't trust it, I asked her to shoot two pictures of us. Paul, ever the great guy and trooper that he is, posed for two incredible pictures. What's more, he totally acts as if he wants to spend all the time that he can with you--and this was still with many more people still waiting to catch a glimpse! Immediately after the poses were taken, Paul turned to me and said that I would probably be used in the documentary.

At the time of Phantompalooza, when I got interviewed, I remember relishing in that moment. After all, this was a film crew doing a documentary on the man who I have adored since I was a pre teen and I find myself being interviewed for a documentary on HIM. And Paul Williams and his music is my most favorite subject in the world to talk about.

When Paul told me this, it did add to the wonder of the evening, but I never truly believed for sure that they would want to use my segment, even though I did fill out and sign the release. I had NEVER considered myself to be anything to look at. There are billions of women far better than me. When Paul had said that I was being used in the documentary, I made a remark about myself of what I have thought of my own appearance. Paul, without a moment hesitation, said, "You're beautiful!", touching my cheek with his fingers as he said it. (His wife Mariana, I think, is far more beautiful!). That did it! This very moment was a culmination of what was already the most wonderful, most memorable evening of my life.

We hugged again. Then, I asked Paul if I could just tell him something. Saying, "sure," I proceeded to tell Paul of my mother's passing away from cancer just two months before on January 5. Of course, being the great guy that Paul Williams is, responded with a very warm and genuine, "I'm so sorry." The weeks immediately after her passing had been especially stressing--including having to sell the house to take care of debts she left behind.

And if this is not a perfect example of how Paul's life and music has touched and uplifted me, then I don't know what is. Paul's beautiful concert, a wonderful combination of the toe tapping hits and the great job he did, which were perfectly balanced with his beautiful and well known ballads, and the energy he emitted from that stage with every song from the The Family of Man to We've only just Begun, literally made the terrible memories of the time I had been through in the past couple months before the concert fly away from my mind and I will never be able to thank Paul enough! I now can remember my beloved mom the way she had deserved. And it gave me a great deal of added pleasure to be able to tell this incredible performer of this to his face. If that is not touching someone with your music--not to mention his magnificent performance on that stage--then I don't know what is. I hope that Paul himself realizes just how much he has uplifted and touched peoples lives with his music and that he has a gift. Paul, you are so incredibly talented!

I also attended the second performance on March 22. At both concerts, Paul announced that on the previous weekend, March 15, he celebrated 18 years of continuous sobriety. (good for you Paul!) This time, I was right up at the front almost directly next to the stage. He looked and sounded as good as ever. During the meet and greet after this performance, I had the pleasure of meeting briefly his lovely wife, Mariana. Once again, I went to meet Paul. This time, as I was leaving the showroom, a uniformed person was beckoning to me, with a piece of paper in his hand. As I finally made my way to where this person was standing, (it was a packed, seemingly sold out house that evening) he handed me a piece of paper and it turned out to be the song play list. Of course, I was thrilled to see this thing but I asked why was he giving it to me? His reply was that I was a huge Paul Williams fan and I was being given this. He said, "if you take it out to Paul, he will sign it for you." This time, by the time I made my way out of the Showroom, with the capacity crowd, Paul was long since already out.

As I patiently waited to see him just one more time, I bought the DVD and the Japan Concert CD. (They are both great. I have not stopped playing them!) Paul so graciously once again signed for me, not just the ones I had just purchased but several of the great movies DVD's he wrote the great soundtracks for, which of course, included my Phantom of the Paradise DVD. His stepson, a very nice young man, tapped Paul on the shoulder after he was finished signing for me if I could have another picture taken with him. (I had asked the stepson--I do sincerely apologize as his name I do not remember--if I could have another picture taken with Paul. He had already posed for two of them with me the evening before. The stepson said he would ask Paul but said he was sure he would be willing again) To my very pleasant surprise, Paul agreed again for another picture. And there were even more people tonight waiting than there were the previous evening--much more. (Paul had his work cut out for him that night). Instead of trying to weave through the hordes of people in line, we leaned over the table towards each other, and his stepson snapped the picture. (Unfortunately, I never got that picture. The cartridge turned out to be blank!) Needless to say, these were two evenings that I will NEVER forget. Paul, I cannot thank you enough and how happy you have made me!--as you do all of your fans. I am still on cloud nine from having attended his concerts and it has been a couple of weeks since. You are the best! Never give it up. You have been given an incredible gift with your songwriting and your singing. In fact, I much prefer hearing Paul sing his own songs than any other performer.

God Bless you in all that you do!!

Thanks Sharon for a very personal account of a wonderful experience


by Sharon Markwell

September 19, 20 & 21, 2008

Last Updated 20th October, 2008

Well, Paul, has done it again! Another energetic, beautiful performance all 3 nights! It`s like he is not aging! He looks and sounds better than ever.

He opened with a rousing, energetic Old-Fashioned Love Song, which was immediately preceded by a 10 minute video of Paul`s past work, such as in Phantom of the Paradise, Smokey and the Bandit, and a very humorous stint as an emergency room doctor in Rules of Attraction--and who can forgot his hilarious sting appearing in the Orangutan makeup on the tonight show?--love that one! For all 3 shows, I was lucky enough to have gotten tickets in the very front, so I was directly next to the stage--so close, I probably could have touched his feet. He looked wonderful, wearing all-matching black pants, shirt, and jacket.

The showroom was a full house of PW fans, some of whom I recognized from when I went in March, and had a chance to chat with some of them before the show, and got to know them a little. We talked about how Paul`s work has so wonderfully touched all of us and how happy we were to see that the showroom was pretty much full! Exactly what Paul deserves--a great turn out!

As soon as Paul came bounding out, I found myself virtually blown away about how-still-so-good he looks. When I would take my eyes off him just long enough to notice the others sitting nearby in the Showroom, it is obvious that they love the guy. While singing, he would shake hands with a few fans sitting at very front, and the beaming on their faces when he shook their hand said it all:: they totally love him too. That in itself was wonderful to see.

The first performance, on Friday, September 19 was Paul`s 68th birthday. (and I hope he has many, MANY MORE!!) But he performed with enough energy, once again, as if he was 30! And he looks very happy. He delighted his audience with not only sounding great, but the many touching, and often humorous stories. Only good old Paul Williams can tell a story that both touches and makes you smile and laugh at the same time. On this performance, though, Paul mentioned that it was also the birthday of another singer, Bill Medley. To my surprise, Paul did not mention his own! I remember thinking and in fact, remarking to another fan sitting beside me: We all know how giving, totally unselfish and the beautiful person Paul is. But is this man so unselfish that he is not even acknowledging his own birthday, but instead someone else's who was not even there?? At that moment, several fans from the audience, including myself, yelled out, "your's too Paul!!" and "happy birthday, Paul!!" Then, many in the audience spontaneously started singing "Happy Birthday" to Paul then gave him a very warm round of applause! It was clear by the look on his face that he was very touched. It was the least that his audience could do for him for so much that he gives to us!

He said what seems to be his unofficial motto, ``never let professionalism get in the way of a good time.`` Paul totally appeared to be having as much fun and enjoyment from performing on that stage as much as his audience did in listening to and seeing him, making for yet another 3 unforgettable evenings!

I did not take any notes as to the order of songs, but they were, and not in particular order: Old Fashioned Love Song, Rainy Days and Mondays, in which Paul never fails to delight and entertain with both touching and humorous anecdotes, such as living with his mother, which inspired the song, You & Me Against the World, Family of Man, in which he said, "that is as close to rock & roll as you will get", but I never cease to be totally amazed and inspired of how a man of 68 years young can have a near perfect balance of the good old, soft ballads, and the more high energy tunes, such as Out in the Country. He has never sounded better! Ordinary Fool, from Bugsy Malone featured an excellent piano solo by Chris Caswell. Then, a gorgeous new ballad, Where Hope Lives, not to mention all of the timeless old favourites: Evergreen, Love Boat theme, We've Only Just Begun, I Won't Last a Day Without You, What Would They Say, a gorgeous song from John Travolta's "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble," and With One More Look at You, which he mentioned Mariana especially loves that song--and which had myself and another fan sitting next to me in tears--and that's just naming a few. Also, no one of the 3 shows was ever exactly the same. In true Paul Williams fashion, he so wonderfully never failed to connect with his audience as only he can do. His humorous, often touching anecdotes and ad-libbing with the audience made us wish the evening would never end. I could watch and hear Paul Williams perform forever.

He would end each set with what he always says is his favourite song, of course, The Rainbow Connection. (always a bittersweet moment for me when he starts this song because I know he always ends his performances with it and I will never tire of his performances! I could listen to him all night.) Raising his ever present bottle of water, he says of the songs great final line, {the lovers, the dreamers and me}, "with that note, you sound like Kermit, and that's no accident!".

All 3 nights, Paul received a very well-deserved standing ovation. Fans would come up to the stage before he had a chance to leave to shake his hand. You could clearly see that the fans were absolutely ecstatic for him just shaking their hands by the looks on their faces. These were truly beautiful moments that one could not help but to share in their elation at having just been able to shake the hand of this incredible man. At one moment during one of the shows, he gleefully trotted to one end of the stage to pose for a fan holding a video camera. That was very lovely to watch and very typical of the kind of wonderful guy that Paul truly is! The 3 shows were never completely the same, due largely to Paul's incredible wit, humour, and the bond, warmth, and intimacy that he creates with his audience is unbelievable! In my opinion--but I truly feel thousands of people share it--that this man is an inspiration to all 60+ people out there and beyond and I cannot imagine a world without him. He does not look his age for sure, and performs, sounds, and acts as if the months and years are not turning forward, but instead backward for him. I don't know quite how to fully express it unless one has a chance to see this man perform in person for themselves. Amazing!!

Paul also mentioned the new Muppets Christmas telecast, "Letters from Santa" for which he not only wrote some more great songs for it, but had a part in the storyline as well, and is about the Muppets trying to reroute a couple of accidentally misdirected letters to Santa Claus to help wishes come true. He also announced the arrival of "Emmett Otter Jugband Christmas" premier on the Goodspeed stage in December, for which, of course, he also composed several great new songs! I have since, on Youtube, discovered 2 of the new songs he wrote for that play, one of them being an absolutely gorgeous ballad "Alice keep Dreaming" Incredible!!!! And I dare anyone to be able to keep the tears away from listening to that one! Along with another fantastic catchy, high energy tune, "Waterville," both beautifully sung by Paul on both on You Tube. I can hardly wait to see them both, and "Letters to Santa" is due to air, if I remember right, on NBC on December 17 and Emmet Otter Jugband Christmas musical at the Goodspeed theater premieres in December.

I had actually arrived in Las Vegas the day before, on September 18. With flights notorious for being delayed sometimes, I was taking no chances! The day of the concert, I spent most of the day just relaxing at the South Point's gorgeous pool area. I was treated like a princess, sipping on frozen lemonade poolside in the hot Vegas sun!

By mid afternoon, I was getting a little hungry, so instead of letting my belly distract me from the concert, I went to my favourite little casual pad in the South Point, the Coronado Cafe. Just after I arrived and shown to my seat, who do I recognize arriving but none other than Rosanne Galletta, who sat down at a table just a few feet away. Normally, I'm a wee bit on the "shy" side and generally due not just approach people who I know would not exactly know me. However, this was different, knowing she is a friend of Paul as well as a fellow "Rainbow" member. I got up from my table--I had only arrived at the cafe just a few moments before Rosanne--went up to her and said "excuse me, are you Rosanne?' She said yes, and I introduced myself. We chatted for a few brief moments and Rosanne certainly proved to be a very beautiful, sweet woman. It was obvious that we were to become good friends! We, of course, talked briefly about Paul, as we were both there for one reason! She said she had literally almost bumped into Marianna on her way into the cafe as Marianna had been having dinner there, but was just leaving. I had not seen her, but she may not have recognized me even if I had as we had met only briefly at Paul's March concert.

By this time, the countdown to the first concert had officially begun--about an hour and half to go. The next day, September 20, was my own birthday and I had given myself the ultimate present by being able to be at Paul Williams' concerts once again. In fact, there was no where else in the world I would have rather been. I remember saying to Rosanne, "I just want to give Paul a hug so bad!! Do you think he will let me ??" Rosanne said "I am sure he will." And we both know that he is that type of guy--ever loving, warm and affectionate. I was getting too excited to eat very much. I kept thinking of the incredible experience with Paul in March, and knew that it could only be great again. Mostly, I kept thinking that within the hour, I would be once again, sitting a few feet away from the man I have so completely adored since 1974--the year I first saw Phantom of the Paradise! I remember always fantasizing way back then of meeting him and the things I could say if I did as he had already touched my life with his fantastic career and music even at that young age in my life. In the days before VCR's and DVR's, I actually used to skip school just so I could see him when I knew he was appearing on something on tv. (Fortunately, I had 2 VCR's by the time I entered college) My anticipation was building up so much, that it was if I was only about to meet him for the first time!

Rosanne and I finished in the cafe about the same time, so we strolled over to the elevators together (she was on 17th floor, I on 24th) We gave each other a little hug and said see each other soon. I showered, changed, freshened up, and made my way down to the Showroom--all the while knowing that I had just flown 2000+ miles just to see him.

After Paul sung--beautifully-- his last encore, shook the last hand on the stage, and applause finally died down, all the fans filed out of the Showroom. Paul, of course, was out starting to greet fans already. I thought my heart was going to beat right through my chest it was pounding so. The line was long enough that I could barely glimpse Paul from where I was standing. Who do I see but none other than Steve Kessler, the man doing the documentary on Paul. It was so nice to see him again too and we had a very lovely chat. The line moved slowly. Marianna walked over in our direction. As she got close enough, I said "Hello, Marianna!" And she immediately stopped to talk to me, Steve still standing right next to me. Another beautiful person both inside and out! I was closer to Paul now, enough so that I could glimpse him without straining my neck--maybe about 7-8 feet away. My Happy Days CD and the CD of Paul's fantastic appearance episode of the Muppet Show was in hand, (the one that marked the beginning of his great, long time association with the Muppets) ready to get the ultimate signature on them. Every time I moved up in line, my excitement increased exponentially. Now about 5 or 6 feet away. I kept thinking, what would his reaction be when he would see me. Knowing Paul Williams, though, I knew it most likely would not be a negative reaction. The next moments were of what dreams are made of and I will probably never come down from the clouds this time!

When I was basically "next in line" or just 1 person ahead of me, Paul said to someone: "Look who's here, the girl from Canada!" He immediately came out from behind the table where he was standing, gave me a big hug!! (Is this a dream!!) This was exactly what I had hoped he would do, but at the same time, not what I expected! Needless to say, at that very moment, I was in heaven and I don't think there would be any person happier in the world than me!! To add to the total joy and my elation, is that everyone else around, including some of Paul's wife's family were beaming as well as Marianna, and obviously sharing in my joy! I cannot tell you how wonderful that was for me to see. They obviously realize what an incredibly special man Paul is. Steve Kessler took a couple of great pictures of us--one of which almost captured the hug. After he signed, posed for pictures with me, I stuck nearby just chatting with Steve, and I also met his lovely wife, Dominique (total sweetheart!) I also had the honor of meeting some of Paul's relatives standing nearby, including Marianna's aunt. When I went back to my room, it goes without saying that I did not sleep much! I could not believe how incredible this latest meeting of Paul had just been--just how wonderful it was, no less than if I could have wished for it on the north star! To say that Paul is the kindest, warmest, most genuine and nicest person you would ever want to meet in your life is the understatement of the century. He is a total class act through and through and I told him so!!

The next day--my 46th birthday--I knew I already had the best, most ultimate birthday present I could have possibly had one day early. How could it possibly be better than the evening before? Little did I know at that time it was pretty much about to be just that 2 evenings in a row! While in line to meet Paul again that night, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul's stepdaughter, Julia. What a sweetheart! She is the spitting image of her mother--beautiful inside and out! She was standing behind the table with Paul offering and selling the "I Want to go back there Someday" DVD and the Japan concert CD. I bought another. It was to Julia that I mentioned it was my birthday that day. She is 23 years old. When I mentioned my age she very sweetly and genuinely remarked how much younger I look for my age! Very lovely girl and I gave her a little hug.

Then, got to Paul again! "Hello, Sharon!, How are you?" he said as I stood in front of him, and he said it in the nicest, warmest, most genuine way you can imagine. Julia mentioned to him that I was the birthday girl that day! Before I could conjure up enough courage to ask Paul if I could have another hug on my birthday, to my total and absolute delight, he came out from behind the table again, and said something like, "you can get a hug on your birthday." Am I dreaming?? Life could not possibly be any better!!! As I hugged him, I said to him in his ear, "Paul, you have just given me the ultimate birthday present. I love you!" Julia shot another picture of us with my camera. As my new friend, Steve, was there again that evening, I had another lovely chat with him before I left for my room. And, to top off that evening, I thought I heard Steve tell me that I will be invited to the premiere for the documentary! Needless to say, another almost sleepless night! I had never felt such happiness and excitement in my life! Thanks to Paul and Paul's concerts, I made 2 fantastic, loving new friendships with fellow connection members: Rosanne and Vince. Vince managed to capture me shaking Paul's hand on the stage immediately after Paul's first performance and it was Vince that was one of the people I had struck up a conversation with at the table before the first performance started. Great person too!

Then came last performance night, September 21. Naturally I was still very excited but the evenings just flew by as if they had only lasted a few minutes. When I went to greet Paul again that evening, I had the Little Bit of Love CD, and Muppet Christmas Carol DVD for him to sign that had belonged to my mother before her passing. He even posed for yet another picture with me. He appeared just a little surprised as I had had another Little Bit of Love CD for him to sign just the last evening (my copy) and the Muppet Christmas Carol he had signed (my copy) in March. I told him they had been my mom's copies. I asked him if he remembered me telling him of her passing in January when I was there in March, and he said yes he did, and, as much as I have adored Paul and followed his career all these years, even I am pleasantly surprised as to just how wonderful he is. The world is certainly not a bad place as long as Paul is still in it!! He proceeded to say once again how sorry he was and in the warmest, kindest, most genuine tone that was so wonderful. I had purposely waited for the last meet and greet after the last performance to tell him: In the weeks before my mothers passing, she had lost all functions; unable to walk, talk, and in the last week, not even eat, or use the bathroom. In short, her last days I basically had to just guess what she needed or wanted because she had no longer the ability to communicate well at all. I had been her care giver for at least a few years before she had even become very ill, and, of course, during her illness. With both of us living under the same roof, naturally anything I played or watched on tv, she would experience too. Now, Paul, is an extremely bright, smart man, but I am not sure if even he fully realizes just how profoundly positive and inspiring his work has been in my life--not to mention millions of others around the world. I cannot thank him enough, as I remember playing the Little Bit of Love CD just a few days before a brain hemorrhage finally took her life. She especially loved "She Sings for Free" and "Sad Song" from the CD and she had often remarked, when I played the Muppet DVD, that "When Love is Gone" and "Bless us All" were two of the most beautiful songs she had ever heard. No one can ever feel my gratitude toward Paul for his incredible songwriting work and lovely, soothing singing voice for literally getting my mom to smile in listening to these songs just days before she went to meet God. I will never be able to thank him enough! My mom, I truly feel, literally went to her grave in total peace because of his work! I say he is the greatest songwriter ever born, the best the world has ever seen.

When I gave Paul the last kiss on the cheek and the last hug before leaving, ( I would leave Vegas to go back home the next day), I used Vince's and Rosanne's camera to shoot poses of them with Paul. Marianna also graciously agree to pose for a picture with me, holding one of the posters advertising Paul's arrival for the 3 concerts, which they gave to me and which he also signed, To Sharon, Love & Light, Paul Williams. Needless to say, it is now a priceless memento for me that looks just great in my bedroom! (i had fedex ship it out the day I left, i was not going to even make an attempt to put it in my suitcase!)

To perfectly end what had been 3 perfect evenings, Vince and Rosanne invited me to join them for a snack in the Coronado. So that is what we did. We sat, chatted, laughed and just reminisced not only how incredible the last few evenings had been but talked about Paul in general and overall just how wonderfully his career has touched all of us: Vince said how he especially grew to love Paul when Paul was so sweet to him during his OWN mother's illness and recent passing, Rosanne spoke of how she knew of Paul and his work since the 70's, but said when she first met him in Nashville in 2000, her fanship, big time, of Paul took off! After about an hour in the cafe, we were all understandably tired and we all said our good nights, the 3 of us walked to the elevators together, and Rosanne and I rode the elevator together to our respective floors. She gave me a hug as she left and for me, it is yet another wonderful feeling that I may have kindled a life long friendship with this great lady too!

These 3 amazing evenings and the yet again INCREDIBLE experience with Paul made me realize that life is soooo good and more than worth travelling all the way from Winnipeg for the 2nd time in a year to see him in person! He is a truly class act and there is no one else on the face of the earth quite like him!!

Needless to say, this latest experience in Vegas was so perfect, it was like living in a real life dream and hoping you do NOT wake up from it. To sum it all up, one of my fonder and more vivid memories of Paul on the Winnipeg stage at Phantompalooza2 21/2 years ago--aside of course of where I met him in person for the first time!--was he was so touched and overwhelmed by our reception of him, he was actually crying a couple of times on the stage. I distinctly remember him taking his glasses off and wiping his eyes, and me, along with the hundreds of Paul Williams adorers there realized immediately that he was in tears. Of course, it is obvious he is so loved other than on the Winnipeg stage also. However, I truly believe that the emotion Paul was feeling on that stage as the result of the reaction from his adoring Winnipegers is a mere fraction of the joy his work has brought to millions of people around the globe and how all of his fans lives have been touched so magnificently because of him! By comparison, if he had fully felt in Winnipeg the joy his fans feel of seeing and hearing his work, he would have been weeping.

I thank God every day for giving the gift to the world in the form of Paul Williams and best still, that he came back to us after winning the battle against drugs and alcohol and continues to give love, joy to everyone around the world, gaining new fans wherever he goes. I feel that he is quite literally a light to the world, and with his great, and most importantly, very family friendly and very positive messaged 2 new musicals coming soon, it is so refreshing for the world in so dire need of things like this!! His work, as well as Paul himself, actually helps you forget that there are any problems in the world! May he continue to do so for a very, very long time, and continued health, the most happiness that could possibly come his way, and continued success. I hope he never gives it up again! He obviously has a god given gifts and yet he gives of himself so generously and so unselfishly. God bless you Paul and in everything you do! Keep up the excellent work! The whole world loves you!

Thanks Sharon for a very moving & personal account of a wonderful experience





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