with special guests Willie Nelson, Melissa Manchester and Gonzo

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Paul Williams
I'm Going Back There Someday

with special guests
Willie Nelson, Melissa Manchester
, and Gonzo (the Muppet)

AIX Records

a DVD/CD of the music and life of Paul Williams
Produced by Mark Waldrep and John McEuen

Paul Williams*, one of America's favorite love song writers, brings us this 12 song set of his music - both new and classic - in a 5.1 Surround music setting with his special guests: Willie Nelson, Gonzo, and Melissa Manchester. Willie and Paul's version of
Rainbow Connection (2003 Recording) (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) and the performance with the Muppet Gonzo of I'm Going to Go Back There Someday (2003 Recording) (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) captured here are, according to Paul, “two of the best things I have ever done!”,

Over 3 hours in length, this two disc DVD set features extensive interviews with Paul (and individual ones with all the artists involved), rehearsals and backstage footage… and Gonzo interviews Willie (he thinks).  At a piano with his conductor, Chris Caswell, Paul talks about how all the songs came about -
We've Only Just Begun (2003 Recording) (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) (a bank commercial) - Rainy Days And Mondays (2003 Recording) (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) (a funny conversation with his mother), as well as the other songs on the DVD, and it brings you even closer to the man and his music.

In a live duet with Melissa Manchester they create magic that makes you feel like you are at a live show - and you are! In fact, Someday .. features both live concert with audience and Paul's hilarious song introductions (showing off Paul as a performer), and songs in an intimate setting, recording on a stage in an empty auditorium .. with the addition of a string quartet and different guest players of note.

Accompanied by great known hot musicians (that include Laurence Juber, Mickey Raphael, Cliff Hugo, John Lewis, John McEuen), shot with 5 cameras, and produced by Mark Waldrep, owner and founder of AIX Records and DVD pioneer and Grammy winning musician/producer John McEuen. Someday is a fine night out.., an in depth visit with an old friend… a live performance with you at the show… a recording session with you as V.I.P. guest…  a great sounding set of music…. and available on AIX Records. This is a double-sided dual disc set (four 'sides'), with DVD audio, surround mixes, and one side for CD, and is distributed by Image Entertainment - also available at


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Studio recordings -  recorded at Zipper Auditorium, Colburn School for Performing Arts, California
 - October 19, 2003, November 25, 2003 and December 4, 2003

Studio recordings -  recorded at Curtis Theatre, Brea,, California
 - February 14, 2004

Live recordings -  recorded at Curtis Theatre, Brea,, California
 - February 14, 2004



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See here for full song list of the 2 new and 10 re-recorded songs

The Songs

New studio recordings of 12 songs
See here for full song list of the 2 new and 10 re-recorded songs


Select a song and hear Paul's and other artists intro to the songs

Rainbow Connection
You're Gone
We've Only Just Begun
Rainy Days & Mondays
Crazy Loving You
Love Dance
It's All Been Said Before
An Old Fashioned Love Song
I'm Going Back There Someday

Paul Williams
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> A Conversation With Paul

32 minute conversation between Paul and John McEuen about Paul, his life and his music

> Songwriting: Lyrics & Music
11 minute conversation between Paul and Chris Caswell about the lyrics and music in Paul's songs
> 'Going Back' to the A&M Lot
9 minute tour by Paul round the old A&M lot which is now owned the Henson Family
> A Tribute to Jim Henson
A pictorial tribute to Jim Henson with Paul and Gonzo singing 'I'm Going Back There Someday' in the background (Including use of multiple camera angles)

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Special Guests
  • Willie Nelson (Guitar & Vocals)

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* Jammin' with Willie

7 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of Willie meeting, and Jammin', with the band

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5 minute interview with Melissa talking about her life and working with Paul

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Lyrics Lyrics of the 2 new and 10 re-recorded songs
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The Musicians Biographies of the musicians who participated in the recordings
  • Chris Caswell (Piano & Accordion)
  • John Sanders (Sax, Flute & Keyboards)
  • John Lewis (Drums)
  • Cliff Hugo (Bass)
  • Don Raymond (Guitar)
  • Eric Rigler (Bagpipes)
  • Peter Hume (Guitar)
  • Marcy Vaj (Violin)
  • Alwyn Wright (Violon)
  • Novi Novog (Viola)
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SIDE ONE - DVD-Audio Tracks

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On the 5th December 2003 I was contacted by Paul Williams with the following exciting news:

Hi David,

Wanted to send you a little update on the DVD project. Great news, actually.

Yesterday Willie Nelson came in and we recorded a duet of "Rainbow Connection", and Dave Goelz brought my favorite Muppet Gonzo in to sing "I'm going to go back there someday" with me. I have to tell you David, it was one of the best days creatively in my life.

I can't wait for you to hear these two duets. Singing with Willie was an all time high. The DVD will be available in 5.1 surround sound ... Over two hours of concert footage, interviews and a lot of behind the scenes footage... all produced for AIX Records by Mark Waldrep and John McEuen (of `Nitty Gritty Dirt Band' fame) who tells me we're cutting edge with this stuff.

John played banjo on the date and Laurence Juber, formerly the Wings guitarist, joined Kaz, John Lee Sanders, Cliff Hugo on Bass, John Lewis on Drums and the great Micky Raphael on Harmonica. Great session!

(l to r) Dave Goelz (Gonzo), John Lee Sanders, John Lewis, Willie Nelson, Laurence Juber,

John McEuen, Paul Williams, Mickey Raphael, Chris Caswell (Kaz) and Cliff Hugo

There's a full concert yet to be filmed plus duets with Melissa Manchester. I'm really excited about this one .. as you can tell. It's nice to be in the company of giants.

Did I really say that .. Well, this time it's true ..

Happy Holidays ..


And here is what John McEuen, one of the AIX producers, had to say:

On location 4th December 2003
Hollywood, CA

Paul Williams DVD – Going to Go Back There Someday

As we set up the second day of recording with Paul for his DVD we knew we had a high mark to shoot for, as the first day was truly wonderful. We had captured 8 songs in one day, only moving ahead when we had it right, and knew doing only two songs today was an easier day in some regards. But the cast was a bit unusual on this December 4th.

The previous week, 4 songs with string quartet, piano and bass, one with the full band and the quartet, plus 3 with ‘just’ the band, had all gone down as a piece of American music history. America’s great writer of love ballads, country hits, pop and film music had delivered his up close and personal version of his icon songs that are known worldwide. For the first time on ‘tape’, along with 5 cameras rolling, the personal side of this great writer and the heartfelt delivery of his magical words will be brought right to the audience. That was a great day… but now, a different assignment lay ahead.

Paul Williams during recording

To me, some of Paul’s lyrics show their magic in their delivery more than in the reading of the words. I read Rainbow Connection, and I am not sure I ‘get it’. "…Back There Someday" made me feel the same way.. it did not make that much sense to me as ‘just words’. After all, until I was about 38 my favorite Beach Boy song was Bop Ma Ran… then I found out it was Barbara Ann. I am the guy who, for about 5 years, did not realize Mr. Bojangles’ dog had died. I had thought his dog’s name was "upandied" (you know, "….his dog, upandied…").

But just as Paul’s songs are icons of American music writing, the guests for today are icons of American culture… and they would be doing the lyrics with Paul. Willie Nelson and Gonzo on the same stage did put me a little on edge, as being the producer it was my responsibility for things to go right. With the great AIX team I had every confidence, and went in to the day with great expectations. I knew it would be good… I didn’t know it would be that good.

                                        John McEuen with Gonzo                                                                     John McEuen with Willie Nelson & Mickey Raphael


First, Gonzo is so much a fan of Paul and his music that it was evident from the first time out of his box. His cloth fairly bristled with excitement as they got ready for his interview with Paul. They realized, after going over the script, they needed only a couple of ideas in their interview section. These two old pals agreed to ‘wing it’, and we tuned in on a couple of old friends with the same astrological signs revisiting the good things they have shared in life.


Then came the recording of the song "Going to Go Back There Someday". The key and arrangement were changing on the spot, and the guys decided to switch verses as they sang it. Now these lyrics made more sense than ever, as it became a description of these two artists' lives and their wistful view of life as a musical conversation. Chris Caswell’s direction of the music was, as always, impeccable, and Gonzo even sighed at the end in a way that some say he shed a first time tear.

Paul Williams and David Goelz (alias Gonzo)
taking a well earned break

Since Kermit couldn’t make the session that day, Gonzo hung around to say hey to Willie and secretly see how he did Kermit’s song, Rainbow Connection. Again, Paul’s lyric that had previously eluded me made a new connection - with Mr. Nelson’s comforting voice. And again, a long overdue conversation between two long time neighbors who live far apart took place, and everything fell in to place as if we had planned it.


                Willie with Paul and the band                                             Willie Nelson                                                         Willie with Mickey Raphael
                                                                                                                                                                                                    & Chris Caswell

Actually, in retrospect, not as we had planned. Capturing it with 5 cameras and in 5.1 surround went as we had planned, but no one could have planned the wonderful spontaneity and pretend the kind of camaraderie which exists, as it does between Paul and Willie. And when Paul gently suggests "play for us, Willie", Nelson’s nylon strings sting you with the sensitivity of the lyric you have just heard, now making more sense than just the printed word ever could. After listening to playback, Paul commented that this was one of the best sessions in his career. We got it.

Chris Caswell, Paul Williams and David Goelz (alias Gonzo)

Besides all the fun of jamming and pre-song banter with Willie and Gonzo (which we recorded), we had time to visit and shoot photo-op shots with all of these icons. Fun to get snapshots, but actually it is a sad thing to do sometimes, as I would rather be making and producing and playing things of this nature than waiting for the next session. But now we are getting ready, and these magic moments of great songs are preserved for all time. Better get on with the next setup.

(l to r) Dave Goelz (Gonzo), Willie Nelson, Laurence Juber, Paul Williams and John McEuen

On the 12th October 2004 I was contacted by Paul Williams with exciting updated news on the DVD:

"The DVD has been postponed til January 12th 2005, and is being expanded to a 2 disc boxed set.  It will contain over two and a half hours of interviews, behind the scenes footage, concert and studio work and of course the talents of Willie Nelson, Melissa Manchester and the Great Gonzo ..

I've seen a little of it and I'm knocked out."

Paul Williams
12th October 2004

On the 7th April 2005 I was contacted by Mark Waldrep from AIX


The final disc replication will be happening this Friday. We’ll have units available through our website next week. Yeah!!!


Thanks to John for his account and Josh Santos, also of AIX, for the photos.

See the AIX latest news page here and a page dedicated to the DVD here.

See the list of songs to be included in the DVD here

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