(U.S. RELEASE - 2001)


I have added a brief exert of Paul Williams singing 'You're Gone' from the album "Back To Love Again". You can play or download it from here.

(Please note that some of the images are from the 1997 Japanese release of "Back To Love Again" and some are from the 2001 U.S. release)

U.S. RELEASE - 2001



Last Updated 13th March 2001

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Promotional Material for the 2001 release of "Back To Love Again"

(Thanks to Tonya Butler, of Pioneer Entertainment, and Claire Carpentier for providing me with this promotional material)



- He has authered some of our time's most classic songs including: We've Only Just Begun (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), An Old Fashioned Love Song (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), Rainy Days And Mondays (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), I Won't Last A Day Without You (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), Evergreen (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), You And Me Against The World (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), The Family Of Man (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) and Out In The Country (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here).

- "Back To Love Again" is his first studio recording since 1981 and has already achieved phenomenal success as an import.

- The album features collaborations with Graham Nash and Richard Carpenter and production by Michael James Jackson 'Just An Old Fashioned Love Song'/'Life Goes On')

OldFashioned LifeGoesOn

- He regularly makes appearances on game shows, series and movies as a popular and recurring character actor. Recent television appearances include "Honey I Shrunk The Kids", "Picket Fence", "Dream On", "Boston Common", "Walker Texas Ranger", and a recurring role on the CBS Soap Opera "The Bold and The Beautiful".

- Paul is currently the voice of the Penguin on the animated "Batman" TV Series and a regular voice on the "Phantom 2040" and "Hey, Arnold" cartoons.

- Paul is active as a philantropist and humanitarian and has recently completed a sold out tour of South America

- 1976 Golden Globe Award for Evergreen (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) Best Song of the Year


- Grammy Award Winner and Nominee for "The Muppet Movie" Best selling Soundtrack of the Year


TARGET AUDIENCE - Fans of 70's Rock/Pop - 70's Love Songs and Nostalga

KEY MARKETS - San Fransisco/Oakland/San Jose, Charlotte, Nashville, Raleigh/Durham, Greenville, Harrisburg, Louisville, Charleston/Huntington, Greenboro, Knocksville, Roanoke/Lynchburg and Johnson City

SALES HISTORY - UK limited release of certain tracks with great success in concentrated market

My Own Review Of The "Back To Love Again" Album


3rd March 2001

"Things are certainly looking up for Paul Williams. As well as a very successful return to performing, with 3 sell out concerts in South America in 2000, Paul is also due to be recognised by his peers when he is inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in June 2001. He will be in good company as Willie Nelson, Sting, Dolly Parton and Eric Clapton will also be recognised at the induction ceremony.

InspirationWith this renewed interest in Paul Williams, it seems a very appropriate time for Pioneer Entertainment to give a US release to an album full of new songs by this master wordsmith. This is Paul Williams first album for more than 15 years. Initially recorded in 1997, and originally only available on Import from Japan, this is a welcome return of this gifted singer / songwriter. From his early days, with albums such as 'Just An Old Fashioned Love Song' (also produced by Michael James Jackson like this new album) and 'Here Comes Inspiration', Paul Williams has been a supreme interpreter of his own romantic songs. Who can forget songs such as We've Only Just Begun (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), Evergreen (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), An Old Fashioned Love Song (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) and I Won't Last A Day Without You (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here).

Image3These last two songs in fact, make a welcome return on 'Back To Love Again'. When I first noticed that I Won't Last A Day Without You (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) was on the album I was rather apprehensive, as Paul Williams original version on 'Life Goes On' is one of my favourite of his songs. I need not have feared however, as in this re-working the song appears as a duet between Paul Williams and Valerie Carter. The two voices intertwine wonderfully, and with one Richard Carpenter on Electric Piano, is takes on a new life of it's own. 

All the other 8 songs on the album are first time recordings by Paul Williams. Rainbow Connection (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here) is perhaps the most well known. As the title song from 'The Muppet Movie', who can forget Kermit sitting on his lily pad strumming his banjo. It's a wonderful song full of hope for the future.

Image4You're Gone (Java 'PopUp Lyrics' here), which was a country hit in the US a couple of years ago for Diamond Rio, is both a wonderful song as well as a wonderful production by Michael James Jackson, a great string arrangement by C. J. Vanston and a sublime guitar solo by Laurence Juber closing the song. Definitely my highlight from the album. (After a few minutes of viewing this page an exert from this song should load for you to hear)

The remaining 6 songs are composed by Paul with a variety of new musical partners and old time friends (Kenny Hirsh, Stephen Allen Davis, John David Souther, Jon Vezner and Gene Nelson), with Paul Williams wonderful lyrics being the connecting link between them all.

All in all therefore, a very welcome return from a master singer / songwriter."

Lyrics & Paul Williams comments on the ten songs on "Back To Love Again"


Back To Love Again
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Willaims & Kenny Hirsch)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"I think there is a feeling of 'recovery' in several of the songs on this album. Certainly 'Back To Love Again' is one of them. One of the two songs on the album written with Kenny Hirsch. I think it expresses the hope of a new day found in the loving care of another human being. In my case, my wonderful wife Hildy."

Easy Street
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Williams & Stephen Allen Davis)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"I wish you could all get to know Stephen Allan Davis my co-writer of 'Easy Street'. He's as optimistic as the song is, and as free spirited as its message. Falling in love is like heading off on a great adventure. 'Like Hope and Crosby we're off on the road to love'. (Guess who lived at the movies when he was a little boy?). "

Somebody's Hero Tonight
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Williams & John David Souther)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"I have been a fan of J.D. Souther even longer than I have been a friend. We've played each other songs, for years, and mutual admiration finally gave way to collaboration. I hope you like this, our first effort together."

You're Gone
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Williams & Jon Vezner)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"There is an old expression that says "what does not kill you will only make you stronger"... I know that statement to be true. Life is filled with losses some of them painful. But I have also found that there are great gifts in the experience of loving..losing..and then letting go. Life goes on...and so must we. My co-writer Jon Vezner and I hope we've expressed the sadness and the strength of such experiences. Listen to the powerful guitar solo by Laurence Juber at the end of the song and to C.J. Vanson's magnificent string arrangement." After a few minutes of viewing this page, an exert from this song should load for you to hear

I Won't Last A Day Without You (Newley Recorded Version)
(Lyrics by Paul Williams: Music by Roger Nichols )
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"Written in the seventies with the great Roger Nichols, this has always been my favourite cut by the Carpenters. It was very special to have Richard (Carpenter) playing on this version, and to have my very talented and beautiful friend, Valerie Carter singing."  


Someone To Believe
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Willaims & Kenny Hirsch)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"Once again the music of Kenny Hirsch inspired me to write a love song about healing partnerships. 'Someone To Believe' may not turn us into supermen and women, but it does give us the courage to try...'There's nothing I wouldn't try..try for you'."

An Old Fashioned Love Song (Newly Recorded Version)
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Willaims & Kenny Hirsch)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"When I heard that the Carpenters record of 'Rainy Days And Mondays' had earned a gold record, I turned to a friend and said how happy and surprised I was to have a hit with another old fashioned love song..the phrase sounded like a song title to me, so I sat down and wrote the complete song in about twenty minutes. (Trust me, they seldom come so quickly). I love the 'Three Dog Night' recording of the song, and even though Michael James Jackson and I had cut it once before, we thought an up-dated version might be appropriate to this album. We hope you like it."

Rainbow Connection
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Williams & Ken Ascher)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"People often ask me which of my songs I like the best. It's not an easy question to answer, but if pressed, I usually say 'Kermit's Song'. Indeed, Kenny Ascher and I, wrote all the songs for 'The Muppet Movie', and Jim Henson and the whole Henson family captured our hearts. The song expresses me belief in a kind of magic that touches our lives...and my admiration for little frogs who believe there's a reason and a purpose to them being born...and the 'someday they'll find it..' "

The Prize
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Williams & Gene Nelson)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"Several years ago, a wonderful singer called Gene Nelson left my band, to become a songwriter. It wasn't long before he was turning out hits in Nashville for major country artists. We recently started writing together, and this song is my favourite of our collaborations. Now a word about the young man singing harmony and playing harmonica. Genius! I have loved Graham Nash since his early days with The Hollies and his partnership with David Crosby and Steven Stills. His voice is a warm embrace from an old friend, and I'm very proud to have him join me."

'Til You're Loved
(Lyrics & Music by Paul Williams & Jon Vezner)
'Pop Up Lyrics'

"Jon Vezner and I wrote this song in my living room the week before we started my album. It was originally written as a kind of Beatlesque waltz, but Jon suggested I try it again in straight 4/4 time. The background vocals featuring Jonathan Butler's wonderful 'Africanese scat', give the song a rhythmic flavour that I never imagined."  

What the 'Rich and Famous' said about Paul Williams and the "Back To Love Again" album


Quincy Jones

"One of the most enjoyable memories I've had was working with Paul when he wrote the English lyrics to Brazilian composer Ivan Lins 'Love Dance' for George Benson's recording. As always Paul is sensual, unique, inevitable but unpredictable. I feel this way about everything he creates, and this recording is no exception."

David Foster

"I'm what's known as a Paul Williams 'LIFER'. I loved his music 25 years ago and I love it today. He is truly one of America's (or the World's) national treasures... Listen to this wonderful new album and experience the magic of Paul Williams all over again. And I say all this with only the slightest bit of jealousy. (Less room in the charts for me!!!) . Love and Admiration."

Herb Albert

"Through the decades his keen wit and big heart have made him a uniquely special songsmith and artist."

Hal David

"Paul Williams singing Paul Williams - it just doesn't get any better. Fabulous!"

Phil Everly

"For me in music what I have always enjoyed the most was listening to a singer songwriter. That is the best way to get as near to the truth of what a song is really meant to mean. In this album Paul Williams, a masterful songwriter, masterfully interprets his own creations. Well done Paul."

Ivan Lins

"That's It! Paul brings back, with simplicity, the real thing, the good times of writing pop songs. The right dose and the good taste of this production sound is a gift. Paul, you've always been right: love wants to dance!..'Play it again, Paul'. And thanks!"

Valerie Carter

"Sometimes I forget why I sing and that I love music for music's sake. The business part of this 'life' can be jaded at best. Paul, thank you for this beautiful, honest, and heartfelt collection of songs, and making me remember love."

Richard Carpanter

"I have known Paul and admired his talents for twenty seven years. Therefore it was a real treat for me to be asked to play on 'I Won't Last A Day Without You', featured in Paul's new album 'Back To Love Again'. Paul sings his timeless lyrics to Roger Nichols wonderful melody straight from the heart. Great song. Now who discovered it, anyway..."


Richard Perry

"Paul Williams has the most special quality a singer can have - a totally unique sound. The minute you hear his voice, you know that can only be Paul. The haunting, carressing, and romantic feeling he brings to his songs is timeless. He sounds as fresh on this record as anything he has done in the past, including the first album he made ('The Holy Mackerel') which I had the pleasure of producing - twenty-eight years ago."

Norman Gimbel

"Music is lucky to have Paul Williams. An incurable romantic who continues to enlighten and renew our lives with his wise and tender songs."

Jeff Barry

"Heart, soul, talent, brilliance, warmth - the list of adjectives could go on forever as will the music of Paul Williams - and the list also applies to his latest work of art. It is pure Paul, and who could ask for more. Listening to his album is like having an old friend back in the room with you after much too long an absence. Know one knows love like Paul Williams."

Roger Nichols

"I think Paul sounds better than evre. This is a pleasing album to listen to, especially for songwriters. Paul continues to write and sing from such a soulful deep and spiritual place, yet he always leaves the listener with a life-giving and loving optimism. Few people match his depth. This album grows on you and is a must for music lovers and songwriting aficionados.

I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely voice of Valerie Carter singing in duet with Paul on 'I Won't Last A Day Without You'. Richard Carpenter on electric piano also gives this track a beautiful lift. The album has impressive musicians, arrangers and singers, and of course the astute production of Michael James Jackson is superb. Warmest regards to all."

Ron Dante

"After producing albums for Barry Manilow, Cher, Dionne Warwick and Pat Benetar, I can't tell you what a joy it was listening to the new Paul Williams CD. My Favorite songs sung by my favourite singer. Welcome back Paul. "

- Images from the U.S. & Japanese releases of "Back To Love Again" album

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