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15th October 1999 to 31st December 2000

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Anita - 11/08/00 20:10:56
My Email:mats@interlink.com.ar
How did you find me?: metacrawler
Where are you from?: Argentina
Favourite Paul Williams Album: Lo mejor de Paul Williams
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Waking up alone

I went to Paul´s Show in Buenos Aires.... Simply GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul - 11/07/00 15:36:34
My URL:http://www8.50megs.com/williamsfan
My Email:sharkpc@southwest.com.au
How did you find me?: web search
Where are you from?: Western Australoa
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Just an old fashioned love song

Amazing web site. I have always been a fan but I didn't know much about him. I didn't know that he was still writing and performing. Thanks so much

Alejandro Zaidel - 11/02/00 22:22:03
My Email:alejandro@zaidel.com.ar
Where are you from?: Argentina
Favourite Paul Williams Album: A Little on the Windy side
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Here's another fine mess

I'll be in the Buenos Aires concerts !!!! If anybody's coming here, just let me know.

Peter Higgins - 10/31/00 08:00:49
My Email:Splitfoot Uk@yahoo.com
How did you find me?: Lookin for lyrics
Where are you from?: Scotland
Favourite Paul Williams Song: The Hell Of It.

Been looking for the lyrics from POTP for ages, glad to find you're so organised. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Peter.

Ali - 10/26/00 17:28:27
My Email:ach_penguin@yahoo.com
How did you find me?: Yahoo
Where are you from?: Los Angeles
Favourite Paul Williams Album: Bugsy Malone
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Rainbow Connection

I just wanted you and the other Paul Williams fans to know that there is an on-line auction called AllStarCharity.com and there's a signed "We've Only Just Begun" lyric sheet. A must have for anyone's collection. You can either go to Yahoo Auctions or ht p://www.AllStarCharity.com and all of the proceeds will go Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. Good Luck.

Manolo Rossili - 10/02/00 00:08:39
How did you find me?: searched Phantom of the Paradise
Where are you from?: Santa Ana, El Salvador.
Favourite Paul Williams Album: Phantom of the Paradise!
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Faust/Old Souls all of them.....

Wow! Paul Williams is a genious songwriter! He's a poet! And he awakes the imagination and senses of all the generations past, present, and future. I first saw Phantom when I was a sipote(kid) of 14 years, and ever since it's been at my top favorites movie and album list. I collect all I can ever since. I love all the characters in the Phantom movie, they shine on my mind. Congrats forever to Sir Paul Williams. By the way, Thank You (to the creator of this site) it is a wonderful website! Impressive really!

The Old Man - 09/29/00 17:11:04
My URL:http://mypage.goplay.com/elvid
My Email:oldman@pathfindermail.com
How did you find me?: fate
Where are you from?: Canada
Favourite Paul Williams Album: its hard to say
Favourite Paul Williams Song: just an old fashioned love song

paul williams is a wonderful entertainer . i enjoyed this site immensely .

oblio - 09/29/00 17:07:57
My URL:http://www.expage.com/plut
My Email:oblio@canoemail.com
How did you find me?: link
Where are you from?: canada
Favourite Paul Williams Album: all
Favourite Paul Williams Song: rainy days and mondays

great site . phantom of the paradise is one of my favorite flicks .

sam smail - 09/26/00 20:47:09
My Email:sams013@aol.com
How did you find me?: rainbow connection
Where are you from?: atlanta, GA, USA

Favorite verse: Friends are like warm clothes in the night air, best when their old and we miss them the most when the're gone, miss them the most when the're gone. Can't pick favorite song or album. Depends and now that I have heard new stuff from Paul and songs he has written with others... Hope to see you at new meet! Sam

cockerill - 09/22/00 20:49:26
My Email:cockerill.ro @voila.fr
How did you find me?: by looking for everything icould find about paul
Where are you from?: lyon. france.
Favourite Paul Williams Album: difficult question
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Inever had it so good

I'm very pleased that people in the U.K. and USA like paul williams as much as I do.Here in france not many people know who he is. When I tell them which songs and music he wrote they are surprised because they know the pieces well.

Nancy Law - 09/15/00 02:10:56
My Email:nlaw@sprint.ca
How did you find me?: cooltricks&trinketsnewsletter
Where are you from?: Ontario, Canada
Favourite Paul Williams Album: everything
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Rainbow Connection

I have always known when I was hearing a Paul Williams song; but, no one else does justice to his music but Paul Williams himself. I am so glad to have come upon this site....what what more of a thrill to me was to find out that he has gone on to good things and has not been forgotten. He is not a visible personality at least on Canadian tv so reading down the list of his songs, it made me smile to see the songs that are "new" to me at least. Paul Williams is a genious as a writer and I really feel that there should be more attention paid to him in more of a public manner. I remember you from the 1960's Paul and I'm so glad that there is a site all about you. Thanks. This is my warm feeling for today. Nancy Law nlaw@sprint.ca

LYN KNIGHT - 09/08/00 19:04:19
My Email:lynknightuk@yahoo.co.uk
How did you find me?: looked for paul williams
Where are you from?: evesham england
Favourite Paul Williams Album: a little bit of love
Favourite Paul Williams Song: nice to be around

I,ve just found my love for him again after putting him away in a cupboard for so long. my life has been in the fast lane and i am now beginning to slow done and enjoy the goods things in my life. paul was a lovely part of it and i am remembering!!!!

Anne - 09/02/00 16:31:30
My Email:chickypooh_01@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Canada
Favourite Paul Williams Album: I like em all
Favourite Paul Williams Song: rainbowconnection

Hi David!!!!!! Awesome web page!!!!!!!!! great job man!!!!!! ~Anne

Mark Joslin - 09/02/00 01:46:01
My Email:samuri5@earthlink.net
How did you find me?: Phantom of the Paradise Search
Where are you from?: Los Angeles
Favourite Paul Williams Album: P of the P Soundtrack
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Faust/You & Me Against the World

Great work! Paul is one of the most underappreciated and underrepresented talents of our time. Glad to see the effort to get him his due. Phantom of the Paradise rules!

even stevens - 08/26/00 16:02:55
My Email:estevens@dtccom.net
Where are you from?: earth
Favourite Paul Williams Song: the moment


Craig Sherritt - 08/10/00 20:44:43
My Email:craigcourt@aol.com
How did you find me?: through Paul himself
Where are you from?: Wilton Manors, Florida
Favourite Paul Williams Album: Somebody Man
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Somebody Man

Paul is a musical genius and a very talented actor. I have grown up with his music, which has always been able to bring me up when I'm down.

David Chamberlayne - 08/10/00 17:17:07
My URL:http://www.paulwilliams.co.uk
My Email:Davidswebpages@paulwilliams.co.uk
How did you find me?: I Live here!!
Where are you from?: Conwy, Wales
Favourite Paul Williams Album: Back To Love Again
Favourite Paul Williams Song: You're Gone

Hi morphée, I'm not sure which guitar tabs you want? If it was for Old Souls from Phantom Of The Paradise you can get the sheet music from Rondor Music in Paris, London and Los Angeles. You will find the addresses here

morphée - 08/10/00 12:44:00
My Email:fsantamaria@wanadoo
How did you find me?: via internet
Where are you from?: france
Favourite Paul Williams Song: OLD SOUL

Can you give me potp's tabs for guitare.THANKS

Bill Degn - 08/07/00 20:34:08
My Email:bdegn@uswest.net
How did you find me?: SURFIN
Where are you from?: UTAH
Favourite Paul Williams Song: "Rainbows"


Elise Atencio - 08/04/00 00:27:45
My Email:pawpatch@earthlink.net
How did you find me?: surfed on it
Where are you from?: Utah
Favourite Paul Williams Album: Phantom soundtrack
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Old Souls

I don't know what my teenage years would of been with out Paul Williams and Phantom of the Paradise. Thanks for the website....it's great!

Analía - 07/28/00 15:57:04
My Email:analiam@comafi.com.ar
How did you find me?: searched "PW"
Where are you from?: Uruguay (South America)
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Old Souls, That's enough for me, and all.

Montevideo, Uruguay. October 13, 1980. My friend Fernando and I entered into the theatre to enjoy one of the greatest musical experiences of our lives: Paul Williams in concert, alive, in our hometown!!! It was a show we'll never forget and I still treasu e the cassette in which I recorded the show. Thank you, Dave, for such a great website, it's very enjoyable (I loved your narration of your trip to Ireland) and I'll be back soon to go on reading. By the way, had you ever heard of Paul having perfomed in ruguay? Next time you contact Paul, would you be so kind to tell him we love his songs? Thank you.

Bill Patrick - 07/28/00 14:50:29
My Email:wrp123@Lycos.com
How did you find me?: Search Screen
Where are you from?: Rustburg, Virginia
Favourite Paul Williams Album: any & all
Favourite Paul Williams Song: all of them

Being a 55 yr.old male, I have seen things come and go. I have listened to Paul's music, and I have seen him act as well, but his musical talent stands out. Paul has a gift that few people have, and that is his ability to make music that engraves itself o the mind. Paul's music is not just music,but truly works of fine arts that should be see, and heard by all. God must be guiding his thoughts, because no other person I believe, could design music fit for a heavenly chorus. I admire the man who is short i height, but very tall on his ability to share with others a gift that can make angels cry because of the beauty written in each song. Keep it up Paul, for you are already a legend in your time.....

Rich Upton - 06/17/00 04:10:10
My Email:rupton@austin.rr.com
How did you find me?: Paul Williams told me about the site
Where are you from?: Austin, Texas
Favourite Paul Williams Album: Here Comes Inspiration
Favourite Paul Williams Song: Rainy Days and Mondays

Thanks so much for assembling such a comprehensive page for Paul Williams. His music has given me so much pleasure over the years, I'm glad to find so many people who feel as I do.

Colin Stafford - 06/01/00 21:43:32
My Email:colin.stafford@libertysurf.co.uk
How did you find me?: surfed the net
Where are you from?: nairn,scotland
Favourite Paul Williams Album: ordinary fool
Favourite Paul Williams Song: i love them all

first heard paul on the john peel radio programme in the 70's. bought all his records until 'a little on the windy side', then nothing.thanks to your web page i have continued my interest in paul's work. thank you for an excellent web page.

John - 05/27/00 22:38:23
My URL:http://www.johnmartyn.net
My Email:john@hillarby.freeserve.co.uk
How did you find me?: personal recommendation
Where are you from?: London

Enjoyed my first visit, particularly your experince of meeting Paul and the positive and enjoyable experience that it was for you. Didn't realise Paul had written so many songs made famous by other artists!! An informative site - keep up the good work! John

Pablo Gabriel Ballejo - 05/02/00 02:38:21
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/PAPPO
My Email:bpablo@cvtci.com.ar
How did you find me?: Yahoo
Where are you from?: Argentina

Excellent Work! Paul se lo merece!!!!! I my country is too difficuklt find the complete works of him. But i have the oportunity to see any of his movies...

ufowatcher - 04/25/00 10:03:41
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/ufowatcher_98
My Email:ufowatcher@startrekmail.com
How did you find me?: search engine
Where are you from?: Houston

Well done site!

Manuel Hernandez - 03/24/00 12:47:43
My Email:mahlavx@yahoo.com
Where are you from?: El Salvador, C.A.

It was the best Movie...

S. McKillip - 03/17/00 19:06:28
My Email:WMcKIL1015@aol.com
How did you find me?: Search
Where are you from?: Texas

Thank you

art strubelt III - 03/17/00 16:29:47
My Email:dr_sinister21@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: I just looked.
Where are you from?: brownsville. texas

I love your website its amazing I have been a fan of paul williams ever since I saw him in that amazing movie the phantom of the paradise. A few years ago I bought the sound track to the film its so cool its the cassett. I saw the movie when I was a littl kid back in 1975. And I continue to watch it. Its a wonderful movie

Jane Pettit - 03/09/00 21:49:45
My Email:jane.pettit@virgin.net
How did you find me?: Couldn't miss you!
Where are you from?: From the sticks!!

Hi David,I am mega impressed by your web page for Paul Williams. See you soon Jane

John Allen - 03/08/00 18:45:08
My Email:tafallen@contactbox.co.uk
How did you find me?: Search on www
Where are you from?: Ascot, England

Great site. I have been a Phantom fan for many years now. BBC showed it last week and I have recorded it for posterity and got the soundtrack on order. Whatever happened to Phoenix? Good on yer!

Fat Sam - 02/28/00 19:04:54
My URL:pwnbugsyh.html
My Email:FatSam@paulwilliams.co.uk
How did you find me?: At Dandy Dan's
Where are you from?: Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy

You - Candy McNab "Your trouble is you've got muscle where you ought to have brains. I tell you, my pet canary's got more brains than you! You dumb salami!"

Candy McNab - 02/27/00 16:28:35
My URL:http://www.newfrench.org.uk
My Email:newfrenchboyfriend@yahoo.co.uk
How did you find me?: Looking for info on Bugsy Malone
Where are you from?: The New French Collective

We the New French Collective would like to express our concern as to the lengths that you have gone to, to provide information on the background and works of Mr. Williams. While we are sure tat Mr Williams must be very proud to have garnered such fanatic sm, it suggests to us that you must have something missing from your life. Many have found comfort in God, others in Masturbation. Both of these passtimes are a highly recommended, and I suggest that you try them both (though not at the same time...the icar would be most displeased) as soon as it is possible for you to do so.

Thomas - 02/23/00 05:21:19
My Email:gidghost@telusplanet.net
How did you find me?: searched for paul williams on net easy as pie!
Where are you from?: Calgary AB Canada

Phantom of the Paradise remains my favorite album and the music still moves me after 25 years. My daughter still prefers "The Phantom's Theme" as her favorite lullaby. Thanx Paul for the great music, it really does touch people, subtley and profoundly. Thankyou dave for the great web site!

lisa - 02/21/00 22:33:06
How did you find me?: yahoo
Where are you from?: italy/NYC

I grew up listening to the Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack and it changed my life (for the better, I hope!). I'm still shocked to find out how many fans are still around.

Roberto Herrera - 02/21/00 08:34:06
My Email:roberton1@home.com
How did you find me?: Yahoo internet
Where are you from?: El Salvador

Paul: I feel that Phanton of the Paradise is the grates Sound Track Album ever written. That movie and the music changed and was everything for the young people in El Salvador during the 70's. I still listen to it all the time. Love your music. I'll see you latter SWAM. Hasta la vista: Roberto Herrera.

Winslow Leach - 02/15/00 06:04:15

Great information but I'm surprised one look at your site didn't send Paul Williams back into rehab! Ever consider black text on a white background?

Eoin Grace - 02/13/00 22:32:57
My URL:http://listen.to/davidgray
My Email:this_years_love@yahoo.com
How did you find me?: Yahoo
Where are you from?: Ireland

As a 19 year old I'm sure I'm an unusual fan of Paul's music... My dad had been looking for a copy of the "Just An Old Fashioned Love Song" album for years. I found it in CDNOW and got it for him for his birthday. I heard it a few times in the car and now I'm hooked... The CD is currently in MY Cd player. Any chance of a Guitar Chords section to the page? Anyone know of a place to get them? If so please e-mail me.

Mary Dobson - 02/05/00 20:17:35
My URL:http://www.geocities.com
My Email:CAM@muchchatting.fsnet.co.uk
How did you find me?: Yahoo search
Where are you from?: The United Kingdom

Brilliant web site! Really helpful, I'm going to perform tallulah at school and the lyrics were helpful. thanks

lidia - 02/05/00 08:25:31
My Email:calvolidia@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: i dont know
Where are you from?: california

i LOVE the phanthom of the paradaise i have the soundtrack and the movie PAUL WILLIAMS RULES LIDIA

Raymond Dear - 01/27/00 14:16:14
Where are you from?: Dorset England

A great site on a truly GREAT MAN...I look forward to reading more

PAUL OUELLETTE - 01/09/00 06:26:58


Jeff Youster - 01/02/00 08:19:17
My Email:drjeff@cam.org
How did you find me?: ubl
Where are you from?: montreal canada

Great pages...very thorough!! Keep it up

patty outlaw - 12/02/99 20:14:21
My Email:pattyoutlaw@aol.com
How did you find me?: by typing in your name


Thierry LECACHEUR - 11/30/99 22:08:31


David Chamberlayne - 11/29/99 20:21:56
My URL:http://www.paulwilliams.co.uk
My Email:Davidswebpages@paulwilliams.co.uk
How did you find me?: Here already!!
Where are you from?: Conwy Wales

Hi Sherianna, Like you I am a fan of John Denver as well as Paul Williams and had the same question as you. "Is the same Paul Williams that is listed as the producer of some John Denver albums." The answer is no. The Paul Williams record producer also worked on Harry Nilsson albums and worked for John Denvers record label RCA. Both Paul Williams are listed here http://www.jadebox.com/nilsson/miscw.html#PAULWILLIAMS Take Care David

Sherianna - 11/29/99 13:22:59
My URL:http://greefield.fortunecity.com/flamingo/497/index.html
My Email:Sherianna@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: I hit in a search which brought me here.
Where are you from?: Sch'dy, NY USA

I like this site very much. I am trying to find out some info which I thought maybe you could help me with. I am a fan of Mr. Williams, since Bugsy Malone. I was just wondering if this is the same Paul Williams that is listed as the producer of some Joh Denver albums. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Peace, Sherianna Sherianna@hotmail.com

Ian white - 11/23/99 23:54:19
My Email:seadragon@btinternet.com
How did you find me?: Surfed In
Where are you from?: England

I have enjoyed your site dedicated to one of the best songwriters ever.GREAT STUFF. Keep it up

C. Beagle - 11/22/99 21:12:23
My Email:clbeagle@yahoo.com
How did you find me?: typed phantom
Where are you from?: Essex

I have been interested in the Phantom of the opera since early 1970's when i first saw the film, i love the music, and the style of film. I bought the inported soundtrack about two years ago, and i play it quite often, i am hoping to get the video when i go to the states next year. I wrote to polydor to ask if they intended to produce it on pal format? ( I think they shoud ) They said that they had no intention on puttint it on PAL format, so this is why i will be travelling to the states next year.

Jim - 11/04/99 02:00:08
My Email:panzer@together.net
How did you find me?: surfed in
Where are you from?: Vermont

A wonderful page honoring a man whose music I have treasured for 25 years.

Paul Leininger - 10/20/99 13:28:31
My Email:bull24601@aol.com
How did you find me?: my daughter
Where are you from?: Bethlehem, Pa

A fan from the beginning .. still listened to some old tapes ... my daughter got some CD's off the net for our 35th wedding anniversery.Paul touched us and our kids. By the wat ... does anyone remember Paul's guest shot on a Desi Arnez Jr tv special. That's when we DISCOVERED Paul.

Stephanie Sommerville - 10/20/99 02:54:30
My URL:http://www.procareer.com
My Email:stephanie@procareer.com
How did you find me?: Did a search on Paul Williams, song writer, composer and there you were.
Where are you from?: Connecticut..now NC

I just saw the Phantom of Paradise this weekend and I loved it. I was only 6 in 1974 when that came out, so I probably didn't see it then, but I grew up listening to all Paul Williams work. My parents are big fans. My dad and I used to watch Baretta a ONG time ago and I remember when you played Sandy. As a matter of fact, I went to Korea in September '99 and they were playing old Baretta re runs there, and on the flight, the ones they showed in specific featured Paul Williams!! :-) But I really liked Phantom of Paradise. I saw it on Cinemax this past weekend (Oct. 17th..) Thanks, Stephanie

Sergio Arán - 10/19/99 00:00:59
My Email:aranfadle@abonados.cplus.es
How did you find me?: Yahoo ( asking for Paul Williams )
Where are you from?: Canary Islands ( Spain )

( Excuse my english ) I´m Sergio, 28 years old and a really fanatic of cinema. I like so many directors and movies. Brian De Palma is really fascinating, he can do bad movies and really great ones. I love "Phantom of the Paradise", and I´m lucky, I´ve got the LP and the CD ( from Japon )... And one of my debilities is Muppets and Barbra Streisand. That´s it. Suddenly, I realiced that Paul Williams was brilliant. I asked in Yahoo for this name and I came here. More information than I can read in one day. Yo r page is brilliant and you can be sure that I will come back. People like you is doing Internet something really interesting. Tomorrow I will talk about this site with my cinema friends and I will try to get a CD of this incredible singer/composer ( not from Muppets and not from Barbra, those I know really well ) Thanks for your time. And tomorrow I will be able to say "I was not myself last night..."

Jerry Thompson - 10/17/99 16:56:35
My Email:jtlaser@earthlink.net
How did you find me?: Search
Where are you from?: California

Paul Williams is one of my favorite Singer/Songwriters! The soundtrack to the "Phantom of the Paradise" is such a fantastic commentary on the Media it's almost hard to believe it was ever produced. And, of course, no song touches my heart like "Old Souls" I'm brought to tears every time I listen to it. I have a brother I hadn't seen for 15 years, due to geography, and while comparing notes on our likes and dislikes I said favorite movie and at the same time we both said "Phantom of the Paradise", needless to say we were both shocked, (and pleased). I'm just glad that we have Paul's music, what emotions would I never have experienced if not for his special way of evoking them? Jerry T.

Jan - 10/17/99 01:23:03
My Email:leo.rex@virgin.net
How did you find me?: Feeling mischeivious
Where are you from?: Out There somewhere

Much better than the MARC BOLAN and LISA LOEB pages ! - Jan


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