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roger kirkpatrick - 10/07/99 15:57:31
My Email:therodge@flash.net
How did you find me?: surfing the net
Where are you from?: abilene, texas

hello, david, from another paul williams fan from west texas! in 1971, i was perusing albums in my favorite record shop, when i came across an interesting looking album featuring an odd looking fellow sitting at a piano, looking melancholy and staring out a window. above the picture were the words: "there are those who listen and those who wait to talk. this album is dedicated to the listener ." i was intrigued and bought the album, went home and immediately put the record on, and from the first time i heard 'waking up alone', i was hooked! i knew i'd discovered a songwriter whose words could express my innermost feelings better than i ever could! paul was the first artist whose albums i would eagerly anticipate and would purchase as soon as they hit the shelves! i have never been disappointed; in fact, he's always exceeded my expectations. not that paul hasn't written his share o songs that only his fans would love; but, i've always likened his songs to sex--when they're good, they're great! and even when they're not great, they're still pretty good! to this day, paul is my all-time favorite song writer, and, in my opinion, is tied with jimmy webb as america's greatest living song writer. i'm glad to find the official fan club and i'm sending off my check today to become a member. thank you for maintaining this excellent site, which is such a worthy tribute to this great american treasure! i'd love to hear from you, if you ever get the time.--roger kirkpatrick

David - 09/29/99 09:48:41
My URL:http://www.paulwilliams.co.uk
My Email:Davidswebpages@paulwilliams.co.uk
How did you find me?: Author of these Paul Williams pages
Where are you from?: Conwy, Wales

Hi Dan, Thanks for dropping by. In answer to your enquirey, the song which Paul Williams sang in the 1976 TV Movie "Griffin and Phoenix" was called "The Making Of A Dram". You can see the lyrics of this song here.
Take Care

Dan - 09/28/99 02:45:01
My Email:gaha66@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: Yahoo!
Where are you from?: Japan

Do you know the theme song of the American TV movie "Griffin and Phoenix a love story"? Tell me a tune name and a recording CD if you know it. I think paul williams singing that.

Christine Schott - 09/21/99 23:31:42
My Email:tootsie3@netscape.net
Where are you from?: New York

David, I like what you've done with the page.

Swan - 09/15/99 15:27:27
My Email:labrat@pacbell.net
How did you find me?: I've been looking for you *everywhere*.
Where are you from?: why, California, where else?

Swan here. Excellent site. It conforms to my exacting standards. Particularly the relentless advertising. Subliminal, you know. But let's not talk about that, let's discuss you. Your devotion is... touching. We might have to... fine tune it a bit, but in the end, I'm certain you'll like the results. Your site, done your way! Of course, there's the tedious paperwork to get out of the way, first. Nothing major, just sign this and I'll have my people get in touch with your people. Together, we'll make this *sing*! Trust me. Swan

Claudia Manion - 08/17/99 16:55:32
How did you find me?: by your name
Where are you from?: Omaha, NE

I've been a fan for many years and have worn out several of your record albums. I'd love to have a song book from your albums from the '70s but haven't been able to find them. My two grown children are also fans, my influence from 20 years ago. I espec ally love your song about reading the Sunday papers.

Shari - 08/13/99 03:14:18
My Email:art.shari.jacob@juno.com
How did you find me?: Ask Jeeves
Where are you from?: Calif.

Fantastic site! I love the lyrics. His words ar like the most beautiful poetry!

Henry Lee Green - 08/10/99 22:26:07
My Email:eciinc@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: Altavista
Where are you from?: South Dakota

Excellent work, Paul Williams is in my opinion the most underrated songwriter of our century. He is directly responsible for me becoming a musician and songwriter. I am releasing a CD this fall and I would like to include some of his songs. Do you know how I can obtain copywrite permission?

Amy Bitting - 07/24/99 19:24:35
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ab/backstreetboysrule
My Email:srfrgrl@gate.net
How did you find me?: Yahoo 
Where are you from?: Florida

Hi David! I really love to visit your site, it's the best! Thank you so much for allowing me to use information from your pages for my term paper, face it between the information that I am getting from you,all of the Rainbow Connection Members and Paul himself, ho can my paper receive anything but an A!?! I know I'm only 16 and that everyone knows I'm a Backstreet Boys fan, but to tell you the truth, I love Paul Williams songs and him as a person (he's one of the best). Take care and thanks for sharing all of your information with everyone! :)

Paul Leonetti - 07/18/99 11:00:41
My Email:PaulLeonetti@yahoo.com
Where are you from?: Brooklyn, NY

Dear Mr. Williams, I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" for all the hours of pleasure and enjoyment that your work has given to me. May the joy and happiness that you continue to bring to myself and to others be returned to you 1000 times! I first discov red you from watching that great episode of Barretta (was it called Mexicali Rose?).I have been a loyal fan ever since. You really cannot imagine the influence that your music has had on my life,and for that I will be eternally grateful to you. I just wan you to know that you definately have a FRIEND in good old Brooklyn, NY USA! Sincerely and with much respect, Paul J. Leonetti

David Chamberlayne - 07/18/99 09:13:54
My URL:http://www.paulwilliams.co.uk
My Email:Davidswebpages@paulwilliams.co.uk
Where are you from?: Conwy, North Wales

Hi Gill, I tried emailing you but the email got sent back so I'll post my reply here. Thanks for dropping by my 'Paul Williams Music And Acting' web pages and Guest Book. An Old Fashioned Love Song is readily available now on CD on import from Japan. You might want to take a look at CD Universe at the following address: http://cdu2.cduniverse.com/asp/exactartist.asp?search=Williams%2C+Paul&frm=lk_1611/ or Amazon at the following page under import: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/external-music-search/002-8309849-0133048?keyword=+paul+williams&tag=paulwilliammusic&Search=Music+Search If you are wanting it in good old vinyl take a look at the Gemm page which lists different places who sell Paul Williams albums: http://www.gemm.com/GEMM/cgi-bin/quickgemm.pl?wild=paul+williams&S=Search As I presume you live in the UK from your address I did see a vinyl copy in COBB records in Portmadoc North Wales a couple of months ago - or though it may have gone by now

Gill - 07/16/99 20:10:05
My Email:markthiso@exl.co.uk
How did you find me?: links
Where are you from?: england

I have searched the country for the album/tape....just an old fashioned love song...I used to have it 25 yrs ago and I miss it desperately...lifes not complete...please help?

Elise - 07/12/99 07:25:58
My Email:petparlor@iwvisp.com
How did you find me?: surfing
Where are you from?: Ridgecrest, CA

I don't know how to thank you for putting together information on Phantom of The Paradise. It is my all time favorite film and I have been a total fan of it since its release when I was 12 years old! I was able to contact William Finley, aka Winslow, by phone a few years ago, and he is a wonderful man who truly adores his fans!! He says his experience doing Phantom was the best time he'd ever had. Also, Mr. Finley mentioned really enjoying working along side Paul Williams, and how easy he was to work with. Thanks again!!! Elise

Ron DiGennaro - 07/07/99 14:19:54
My Email:RockinRonD@aol.com
How did you find me?: By Chance
Where are you from?: Long Island, NY

I discovered the Just An Old Fashioned Love Song album way back in college and those songs became very meaningful to me. I stayed with Paul thru the next two albums and then sort of lost touch. Now I think I'll get JAOFLS on CD so my 15-year old daughte can hear what I believe to be the greatest love songs ever written. Paul is a huge talent who deserves to be in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, for sure. Nice webpage by the way. Great Job. Wish I could get chords for some of Paul's songs though--nowhere to be found on the OLGA unfortunately. Ron

Norman - 07/04/99 06:28:19
My Email:normanl@pronto.com.au
How did you find me?: Web Search
Where are you from?: Brisbane, Australia

You could say I first saw Phantom by luck! It was playing as a double with "Rocky Horror" which I had actually gone to see!!!!! So naturally Phantom played first and what an incredible night this movie feast turned out to be!!!

Paul leonetti - 06/21/99 14:33:58
My Email:PaulLeonetti@yahoo.com
How did you find me?: Web search
Where are you from?: Brooklyn, NY

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to find that there are more fans (besides myself) of the great Paul Williams! It is long past due that this giant of the entertainment industry received his just accolades. Not a day has gone by, in the past 25 years tha I have been a fan of PW that I have not listened to his music or at least had one of his great songs on my mind or lips! I look forward to corresponding directly to Mr. Williams in the near future!

Pete Grant - 06/11/99 22:13:50
My URL:http://www.wellwisher.freeserve.co.uk
My Email:petey@wellwisher.freeserve.co.uk
How did you find me?: from the link you sent me!
Where are you from?: Finchley, London, UK

You have a really well put together site here! I didn't really know that much about Paul Williams, but your site would tend to make me find out. That is what I had in mind for the Peter Green segment of my site, so I am impressed! Pete G

Courtney (Blackie) - 06/02/99 11:52:14
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/zadocvamp/zadocvam.htm
My Email:zadocvamp@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: through other Paul page that no longer exists
Where are you from?: Syracuse, NY

This page is sooo wonderful! Keep it up!

Courtney (Blackie) - 06/02/99 11:50:17
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/zadocvamp/zadocvam.htm
My Email:zadocvamp@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: through other Paul page that no longer exists
Where are you from?: Syracuse, NY

This page is sooo wonderful! Keep it up!

Robert Baker - 05/19/99 12:57:41
My Email:mtdew@netins.net
How did you find me?: browsing throw the music section in the nashville, Tenn
Where are you from?: Webster City Iowa

Paul, Thank you for the great song that you have written and recorded. Thank you for letting groups like the carpenters do your songs also. They also do a great job at singing them. I have watched a lot of tv shows that you have played in. Somkey and the andit just to name one that comes to mind real fast. I am glad that there are great song writers like you to write the songs that you all do. I have really love the songs over the years. In fact My first girlfriend and I ment on the song Close To You. I ot alot your songs on CD by the Carpenters.

M.G. MacDonald - 05/16/99 05:32:52
My Email:mmacdonald@uccb.ns.ca
How did you find me?: web search
Where are you from?: Nova Scotia, Canada

Thanks for this page!!! Paul Williams has LONG been one of my favourite people. I wish I could hear more of his songs (by him), and see him act more. I think he's INCREDIBLE!!! I will return to this page for follow-up info. If you ever check this sec ion, Paul, I think you are amazing.

Patricia J. Henderson - 05/04/99 17:40:02
My Email:ovation@jps.net
How did you find me?: Looked on Yahoo for Paul Williams
Where are you from?: Rancho Cordova, CA

Love Paul Williams, still the greatest songwriter ever and always. Patti

GŁnter Schmidhofer - 04/20/99 17:32:18
My Email:guenter1.1@aon.at
Where are you from?: Austria

Dear Dave! Virgin.Net was not able to get my mail to you-so I take the chance to say "thanks" here. Now I was able to get to my copy of the Phantom-Soundtrack. Feel free to mail to me. guenter1.1

GŁnter Schmidhofer - 04/11/99 15:23:44
My Email:guenter1.1@aon.at
How did you find me?: With the help of AltaVista
Where are you from?: Austria

Dear Mr. Williams! I'm such a Fan of your Phantom of the Paradise movie. I watched it just about ten minutes ago, I think it was the tenth time I was enjoying it. It's so terrific, so marvellous, so enjoyable. I love your music to this masterpiece so much - I am looking for the Soundtrack for years ( someday I will have it - I know that time is on my side ). I just hopped in to say hello. GŁnter!!!

Georgia Barnes - 04/11/99 04:47:02
My URL:http://www.geocites.com
My Email:gvbarnes@yahoo.com
How did you find me?: searching
Where are you from?: Victoria, Texas

I love this web site. I have always loved Paul Williams - his singing -- his writing ability --his acting ability -- I'm an old school teacher and I've always followed his career. How can I get an autographed picture? My favorite is "The Rainbow Connec ion" -- Thank you God for Paul Williams.

Susan Runnings - 03/25/99 15:45:44
My Email:Fab4Gal@email.com
How did you find me?: Search Engine (Dogpile)
Where are you from?: Las Vegas, NV USA

I've searched endlessly for Paul Williams data, only to come up short-handed at BEST, UNTIL I found your page. It's lovely and so much sweat has gone into it. Thanks for giving us P.W. fans (and YES, there's a lot of us) the page that we AND Paul deserv ! =-) Much Peace 2 U!

Grace Vallejos - 03/21/99 03:07:43
My URL:http://Advance.infovia
My Email:vallejog@infovia.com.ar
How did you find me?: looking info about PAUL
Where are you from?: Argentina


Lisa Mychols - 03/19/99 03:00:30
My Email:Mychols@aol.com
How did you find me?: through Poptopia web
Where are you from?: Still recollectiong thoughts about that!

Dearest Paul, Your truly inspirational to me, still. You were about all that I had around me at a certain time in my life when I was a child. There was something about your voice and music that comforted me when no one else would. I know it sounds odd but it's true. I think there are others that feel the same way too! I thought I was your biggest fan for most of my life (ha ha) till I discovered the internet-MAN ALIVE! The thing is is that you've still got it! Though now you have shown a remarkable ability to grow as you have, spiritually, in yourself and sharing it with the rest of us (that goes for your work with MAP as well)! Thank you and congratulations on your path to true and pure happiness! And it is great to have you back again! P.S. Did you listen to The Masticators tape yet and did you like it?

carl foster - 03/09/99 02:56:37
My Email:carl@dirtydollop.freeserve.co.uk
How did you find me?: bugsy malone cd
Where are you from?: liverpool

im only just on to this talented man,been into bugsy's theme music since a kid,when i was still in school,we done a play of it,but only just bought it.im a bit sad about his work should have had more recagnition but it shows here the best one are the one' people care the most for.good job well done mate

Mark King - 02/23/99 03:41:14
My Email:kingtrz@wirefire.com
How did you find me?: searching the net
Where are you from?: Parkersburg, WV

Found your page while looking for the music for "The Rainbow Connection". Found the lyrics, but still looking for the music. I just started banjo lessons and I want it to be the first song that I'm good at! If you can help me find the music, please E-m il me. Thanks. Mark

VERONICA TAPIA - 02/12/99 05:25:19
Where are you from?: LOS ANGELES


Leanne Ellis (Turner) - 12/19/98 03:21:02
My URL:http://www.theforum.com.au
My Email:Fisho@theforum.com.au
How did you find me?: Yahoo search
Where are you from?: Brisbane, Australia (QLD)

(I am not sure if I have the url address correct) Well, what can I say, he is the BEST. I have loved his works forever, but unfortunately have not seen enough. Now through the internet, I will be able to get info of movies and songs that I have not yet witnessed. I am going to join the fan club as soon a the weekend is over. Finding information in the last few days has made me so happy, I am hoping for more and more. Maybe about him as a person, married where born when born that kind of Biography would be great. Keeping in touch, Leanne.

Brenda Ellowitz - 12/10/98 17:06:09
My URL:http://members.home.net/ellowitzwest/welcome.html
My Email:EllowitzWest@home.com
How did you find me?: HotBot
Where are you from?: Southern Orange County, California

Glad I found your page, you've done a nice job! I'll be back from time to time to keep abreast, as you seem to be keeping the info current. I have always admired PW songs and talent, a huge fan of Paul, especially the Phantom, Carpenters and good romant c, melodious music and songs. What a sense of humor, too! You couldn't have picked a better subject for your fan page! Thanks! Brenda Ellowitz, Mission Viejo, CA

Susan Smith - 12/08/98 03:14:02
My Email:sbsmith@atlcom.net
How did you find me?: Got Lucky
Where are you from?: Atlanta, Georgia

I have been trying to find information on Paul for quite something now. I used to be good friends with him when I was a teenager. I lost touch over the years with him, and thought it would be fun to get in touch with Paul and see if he remembers me. Would you know how I can reach him or get an email address? Thanks for any help or info you can give me. Susan

Derrick Duerr - 12/01/98 01:10:23
My Email:Rickduerr@aol.com
Where are you from?: Tennessee

Great site!!!! I especially enjoyed to the lyrics page. I've had a song on my mind for months now and the lyrics page helped me located it. The song was "Wakin Up Alone". I intend to buy the greatest hits cd soon. Thanks again and keep up the great wo k.

sorel - 11/30/98 08:20:50
My URL:http://www.multimania.com/sorel/
My Email:sorel_j@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: by a huge search
Where are you from?: France

Just a second little word to say that your site is the only source of information about the ways to buy paul Williams records and the Lyrics... Here in France even in the record shops and just can find The Phantom of the Paradise.It's a shame. So thanks a lot again and again and ag.... Julien

Richard Buddy Takasch - 11/29/98 02:37:51
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/biz/budsmaint/
My Email:service-supply@webtv.net
How did you find me?: search
Where are you from?: New Jersey

A very nice web site I go way back remembering Paul Williams. I even remember him on one episode of the Odd Couple, Felix's daughter was a fan of his in the show.

Take Care,Buddy

Rolando Cabrera - 11/27/98 03:12:40
My Email:rcabrera@chilesat.net
How did you find me?: searching forPaul in Yahoo
Where are you from?: Concepciůn, Chile

Thanks for your great page. Keep going that way

sorel - 11/26/98 14:15:38
My URL:http://www.multimania.com/sorel/
My Email:sorel_j@hotmail.com
How did you find me?: searching impatiently sites about "Paul"
Where are you from?: Lyon in France

Your site is a huge refreshing area, full of emotions pictures and melancholy. It's a wonder and a perfect rflect what paul Williams is and has made. He's one of my example. My dream is to sing a song wich would be write by him So peut-Ítre un jour !!! Julien

cris - 11/20/98 01:02:13
My Email:zirc_c@usa.net
How did you find me?: surfing
Where are you from?: Guam

hi, thank you for making this opportunity for me to find Paul Williams site..I love Paul Williams since when I was in High School..Now, i am 30 years old, but, stil love to read stuff about him..

Cpt. Mark Ellis - 11/16/98 15:58:00
My Email:Kme4@juno.com
How did you find me?: web surfing
Where are you from?: Lynchburg VA

Big fan of Paul Williams.

Joy Sparks - 11/14/98 03:23:38
My Email:jsparks@compusmart.ab.ca
How did you find me?: searched thru Altavista
Where are you from?: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Back around 1970, we saw a lot of you, Paul, on Canadian Telvision. My husband and I enjoyed your singing, and your showmanship so much. Thank you for bringing that enjoyment to our life. We always wondered what had happened to you and now that we have internet, I decided to see if I could find out. Congratulations on regaining such control of your life! We wish for you, all the happiness you could wish for yourself. Thank you for sharing your life and talent with the world. Joy

Keith Wilkinson - 11/10/98 16:11:48
My Email:k.wilkinson@zetnet.co.uk
How did you find me?: search engine on"paul williams"
Where are you from?: Halifax - West Yorks

Great site. Thank you for the information on where to find CD's to buy by P.W. I had all my LP collection stolen in 1986 which included 5 of Pauls'and have been unable to find any for sale in this country by Paul on either CD or LP.I actually thought until I found your site that I was the only person who had heard of him.One question,Paul was first introduced to me and probably many others in the UK when he appeared on the John Denver Show. He sang a song called "Look what I've Found" (I believe that was the title - which goes on about him travelling to many places alone - " and just when I'd given p looking for love look what I've found")I had this on a single but it went the way of my LP collection Has it been recorded on any albums? Anyway again a great site and best wishes for the future. Keith Wilkinson 10/11/98

Bonnie - 11/01/98 04:02:07
My Email:dhite@seacove.net
How did you find me?: geocities
Where are you from?: Texas

I finally found you!! Tonight, in one hour, I will be watching Phantom of the Paradise on FXM for about the 100th time. I still love the movie and the songs (it is truly a cult classic). I saw you at the Ohio State Fair in 1977 and then in February 1978. I was lucky enough to get seats in the front row at the Ohio Theater and enjoyed your concert very much. I can't wait to see you again after all these years. Just tell me when and where. I just saw Bobby Sherman in concert with the Teen Idol Tour in July and he sang Cried Like a Baby. He was very nice to mention to the crowd that you wrote it. He didn't tell who wrote all the other songs that he sang. That's something, huh? There is nothing I could say that hasn't already been said about how much you have meant to me. That "Lucky Old Sun" will always be my favorite. My 15 year old son now wants me to share your albums and music books. The Phantom is one of his favorites now oo.

Angela McDowell - 11/01/98 00:34:43
My Email:angela@Kis-soft.com
How did you find me?: A Friend
Where are you from?: Kansas City, Missouri

Excellent site. Keep up the wonderful work. -Angela

Claire - 10/24/98 17:13:34
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/PHWilliams/FanClub.htm
My Email:MCarpentier@prodigy.net
How did you find me?: Friend
Where are you from?: R.I.

Hi David I love your site. It keeps growing bigger and better. This is and will always be the number 1 Paul Williams web page. You are my mentor and I'm so happy to call you a friend. Take Care Claire

Kristi Bashor - 10/18/98 04:05:39
My Email:Kristi@Compuserve.com
How did you find me?: Through a search
Where are you from?: Colorado

Your page is great and I really enjoy coming and checking out everything on Paul Williams. I have been a fan of his since the 70's and have all of his albums, Yes albums. Thanks for taking the time to keep this site up! Kristi

Naomi - 10/17/98 23:31:52
My Email:nyhkag@bayou.com
How did you find me?: John Denver CD Cover-led me to internet
Where are you from?: North Louisiana

I always believed that Paul Williams was an asset to the music business. His voice and personality carries him to heights beyond belief. I have recently ran across his name associated with the production of John Denver music produced after John's death. I would very much like Mr. WIlliams to know how much I appreicate him as an intertainer and as a friend to John Denver and all those who fly with him song after song. I never got to tell John how much I loved him and what he did for mankind and our beautifu land. I never got to tell him how hearing his voice makes me glide over the mountains and soar with nature to it's fullest. I want to take this opportunity to tell Mr. Williams how much I care about what he is doing with the production of John's music as well as how much I appreicate him taking the time to keep John's legacy alive. I bid you good health and happiness in your journey beyond your wildest dreams. God Bless You Paul, and I hope to someday be able to tell you what you mean to me-like I never ot to tell John. Forever in My Thoughts, Naomi

Sarah - 10/16/98 10:06:51
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/PHWilliams/FanClub.htm
My Email:imuphere@worldnet.att.net
How did you find me?: Friend
Where are you from?: USA

Hi David: Your site is still my favorite place to visit. Love the changes and the new guest book. Talk to you later.

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