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The following is an extract of an interview with Paul Williams by
Judy Reboy for ANiMATO magazine.

I am a writer for ANiMATO!, a magazine covering the world of animation. Early this summer, I talked to my publisher about doing a piece on Paul Williams' contribution to the industry.

With some help from David Chamberlayne, I contacted Kelly Newby (Paul's Agent), who worked valiantly to find a place in Paul's busy schedule for an interview. At the end of June, she called and told me that Paul would be calling me at noon (3:00 PM my time) on July 3.

I have worked for the magazine for several years now, and have interviewed network presidents, actors and producers. But I have never been quite as nervous as I was that afternoon. Paul must have sensed the tension in my voice and quickly put me at ease.

We discussed his work on Batman: The Animated Series and, of course, the episode of Dexter's Laboratory that was written especially for him.

He noted a particular fondness for his role as Mr. Cairo on the lesser known series Phantom 2040.

When asked what his all time favorite acting roles have been, he chose his guest shot as the gentle brother of an accident victim on the cult favorite Picket Fences (For those who haven't seen it, he does a moving rendition of 'Rainbow Connection' (click here for the lyrics of this song) in the funeral scene.) and Phantom of the Paradise, which he said he enjoyed for the level of artistic involvement it afforded him even though he didn't think it was his best work.

He spoke at length about his reasons for turning down the role of Winslow in Phantom, namely he did not want anyone to mistake the character's abuse at the hands of the music industry for a personal statement, as well as concern that he couldn't be 'menacing' enough. However, he did say that by playing the evil Swan and writing Winslow's songs, he felt an attachment to both characters. As a longtime Phantom fan, I found it fulfilling to know that it was as special to Paul as a performer as it was, and is, to me as a viewer.

Paul touched on his work as a drug and alcohol counselor, and it would be impossible not to admire his devotion to this side of his life. He freely admits that he took the role of Bailey on The Bold and the Beautiful in order to give a positive portrayal of a recovering alcoholic on television. We talked for about a half an hour. I must admit, despite a high opinion created by years of fan worship, I found myself even more impressed with Paul after our talk. He is a true gentleman.

Paul Williams
Paul Satterfield
'The Bold And The Beautiful'


Judy Reboy


(Thanks Judy. We look forward to reading your article. Judy's article should appear in Issue #40 of ANiMATO!, which should be out by late September. The cost (US funds) should be $4.75. It are available through most comic shops and through retailers like Barnes and Noble, Borders and Media Play, or copies can be ordered direct from the publisher: ANiMATO!, 22 Thayer Road, Monson, MA 01057, E-Mail

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