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Waking Up Alone(Newly Recorded Version)
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"This is the second time I've recorded the song, and in redoing it in a stronger fashion, I think it holds up beautifully. It's as if Robert Mitchum did a remake of a Leslie Howard film and the role fit both actors perfectly."


You And Me Against The World
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"It's the first song I wrote with Kenny Ascher. And while I've thought of it as about a man/woman relationship, Helen Reddy directed her hit version to her daughter."


We've Only Just Begun
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"My first big hit. In a recent review in me LOS Angeles Times, Robert Hilburn said who would believe that a song as gentle and unassuming as this one would become a battle song, the impetus for a whole new wave of sound in the 70's. That was a nice compliment. People are always telling me they played the song when they got married."


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"It's what Sinatra would call a saloon song. It could be a traditional downer, but as with most of my songs, by the time you roll around to the first bridge or get to the end, you'll find something positive in it."


Evergreen (From The Film: "A Star Is Born")
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"I wrote this song with a rather famous girl from Brooklyn, and I am especially pleased because it was honored by the Motion Picture Academy with an Oscar."


An Old Fashioned Love Song
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"It's basically what I generally write. I went to pick up a girl I was; dating and mentioned to her that I'd just gotten another gold record for an fashioned love song. Then I walked over to the piano and started writing "An Old Fashioned Love Song."


With One More Look At You (From The Film: "A Star Is Born")
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"It's a new song and perhaps my favorite from "A Star Is Born." It was inspired by watching earlier versions of the film where Fredric March turns to Janet Gaynor or James Mason looks at Judy Garland and says: 'Stop, I can do anything if you'll just let me take one more look at you."


That's Enough For Me
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"It's my favorite of my love songs. lt's about the most unselfish side of love-enjoying somebody else's pleasure."


Rainy Days And Mondays
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".... . don't really bring me down. It's just that they're generally accepted symbols for depression."


I Won't Last A Day Without You
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"I never meant it to be a possessive song, but rather I wanted to express the real value of a specific relationship."


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